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Ubdurians were a species of sentient humanoids[1] native to Nag Ubdur[2] and Ubduria.[3] Their bald heads featured dark eyes seated deep in their sockets, but no visible nose.[1]

In ancient times, the Mandalorians undertook a crusade into the galaxy's Inner Rim star systems and devastated the planet Ubduria out of contempt for the native Ubdurians, who they viewed as dishonorable cowards.[3]

Prashee and Cratinus, two Ubdurian brothers, were present in the castle of Maz Kanata when the First Order assaulted Takodana.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

There is a discrepancy regarding the species' planet of origin. According to Star Wars: Aliens of the Galaxy, the Ubdurians originated on Ubduria, in the galaxy's Inner Rim, and were among the first spacefaring species.[3] However, in Aftermath: Life Debt, the planet Nag Ubdur, in the Outer Rim Territories, is described as "home to the native Ubdurians."[2]



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