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Boushh, a native speaker of Ubese

Ubese was the native language of the Ubese, a species of Near-Humans that hailed from Ubertica, Uba III and Uba IV.[1] It was a metallic language, well-adapted to the rarefied atmosphere of the home planet from which the nomadic Ubese came.[2]

Ubese vocal cords could not produce sound above raspy whispers, making them difficult to understand when their voices weren't amplified. The Ubese also developed a sign language, Ubeninal, as an alternative to communicate with other Ubese. Ubeninal had no written form. Most Ubese were fluent in Ubese language, Ubeninal and Basic, the common language of the galaxy, although they were only literate in their own language. Ubese rarely chose to speak Basic.[1]

When Leia Organa disguised herself as the Ubese bounty hunter named Boushh and brought Chewbacca to Jabba Desilijic Tiure's palace, the Hutt himself temporarily left aside his principle of only speaking Huttese. He answered in Ubese, although it was stilted and slow. Realizing that his skills in the Ubese language were not sufficient to sustain a full conversation, Jabba eventually turned to his talkdroid C-3PO to serve as an interpreter.[2]

Known words and phrases[edit | edit source]

  • Yatay yatay yatoh - "I have come for the bounty on this Wookiee."[3]
  • Yrak pootzck - A phrase implying cowardice and impure parentage.[1]
  • Zeebuss - "I agree."[2]

Notable non-native speakers of Ubese[edit | edit source]

Jabba trying to speak Ubese to Boushh.

Audio clips[edit | edit source]

(audio) An Ubese bounty hunter responds to an attack order. (Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds)

(audio) Jabba the Hutt tries to speak Ubese. (Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi)

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