"I was at Yavin. I'd have been on Scarif if I weren't stuck in the sick bay at the time. After I heard about Jedha, I came back home and joined the reformed Partisans. They could use someone with SpecForce training."
―Ubin Des, to Leia Organa[1]

Ubin Des was a female human who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic before defecting to the Partisans sometime prior to the Battle of Yavin.


Ubin Des was born on Jedha. Sometime later, Des joined the Rebel Alliance's specforces. She was stationed on Yavin 4 when she heard about the destruction of Jedha's Holy City. Des wanted to join Rogue One's mission to Scarif, but was sick at the time.[1]

Galactic Civil War[]

Following the Battle of Yavin, Des joined the surviving Partisans on Jedha who were led by Benthic. Des along with fellow Saurval and Chulco Gi came under attack by several snowtroopers on Jedha. They were rescued by the Jedi Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa. Des and Gi went with Skywalker and Organa to escape an Imperial patrol transport by boarding the Millennium Falcon. She spoke with Organa about re-establishing ties between the Partisans and the Alliance, believing that they would not agree to it.[1]

Des and Gi then had bags put on Skywalker's, Organa's, and Han Solo's heads and took them to the Partisans' new hideout. Des piloted the Falcon and made it to the base where she brought them before Benthic.[1]

Benthic believed they should kill the Rebels, but agreed to listen to Leia. He then agreed to accept her supplies and spoke with her about re-joining the Alliance.[1] Skywalker and Benthic then boarded the drill citadel. Benthic forced one of the technicians to lower the shields so that the Partisans and the Falcon could attack the citadel.[2] After the mission, the Falcon dropped off the surviving Partisans and refugees on NaJedha. Benthic promised that he and his partisans would guard Jedha until it was gone. Leia agreed to have the Partisans work with the Alliance once again. Ubin Des was given the Medal of Bravery by Captain Solo in recognition for her actions.[3]

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