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The Ubiqtorate oversaw all operations within Imperial Intelligence, and was the highest level of authority within the organization. The Ubiqtorate formulated overall strategy for the various Intelligence bureaus, or presented them with a series of targets and goals to achieve in line with a larger strategic plan. The methods by which to achieve the Ubiqtorate's goal, such as tactical details, were left to the various branches. An effective and thorough organization, the name first came to light during a media beamcast in the Qeimet system, in which Commission for the Preservation of the New Order scandocs were accidentally released. The details about the activities and role of the Ubiqtorate were in error, but Imperial Intelligence saw no reason to correct them, prefering to have the mysterious sounding "Ubiqtorate" representing them.[8] D/Square Decoder was used on Ubiqtorate bases.[5]


Ubiqtorate personnel never communicated directly with any member of Intelligence at the sector or system level, with the exception of the Adjustments branch. Members of the Ubiqtorate were anonymous, and their names were not known by their subordinates. Members dealt with only a handful of their fellows, and communications to the various branches were never signed by name, merely "Ubiqtorate."[8]


After the Battle of Endor, Ubiqorate served under Imperial Remnant, based at Yaga Minor. The facility was commanded by High General Hestiv.[1]



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