"Someone is smuggling a spice known as ryll to Kor Vella. Oh, yeah, that's me."
―Ubis Reendorr[src]

Ubis Reendorr was a male Rodian smuggler and information broker from Corellia.



Ubis Reendorr operating out of his base on Corellia

At some point, Reendorr was contacted by a Rebel Alliance agent trying to learn the identify of an Imperial officer by a holographic image. Reendorr saw it as a chance to settle some of his own business and asked the agent to return a shipment of of B1 battle droids stolen from him by Shalera the Hutt in exchange. Reendorr did not think the Rebel could get the job done, but the agent succeeded and brought the shipment to him. However, he had learned from the manifests for the shipment, that it was never hijacked and that he, in fact, stole it from the rightful owner. Such detail was no importance for Reendorr, who kept his part of the bargain and provided the Rebel with the identity of the Imperial - Grand Admiral Andal Sait of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Blackguard. The Rebel needed a fragment of the Codex of Tython kept by Sait, but had no idea how to get aboard the Star Destroyer. Reendorr offered him his help and, for a reasonable payment, smuggled the Rebel aboard inside a cargo container with a shipment of bacta. He also made sure that the agent would be contacted by Chief Engineer Olum, whom Reendorr has dealt with before.[2]

Reendorr was also involved in ryll smuggling and worked with Red Circle Gang, who had a hideout where they refined the spice. Corellian Security Force Lieutenant Lon Cope, who has been trying to crack the organization for some time, used his man inside the organization to arrange the meeting between Reendorr and an Alliance operative looking for a large missing shipment of ryll. The two met at a small cantina in Kor Vella, but after the operative had asked Reendorr about the shipment, the Rodian gave the sign to the Red Circle members, who prepared to ask the Rebel some questions in turn - the hard way. The Rebel, however, managed to defeat the thugs and, after he took from Reendorr the access card to the Red Circle bunker, departed.[1]



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