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"My brave citizens. While we are protected from Rebel terrorists by the Iron Blockade, the rest of the Empire is not so fortunate. Yet Emperor Palpatine, unscathed by the assassination attempt aboard his new battle station, continues his march toward total victory. So long as the Rebel threat endures, so will the blockade. But I believe the end will come—"
―Ubrik Adelhard, in a sector-wide propaganda broadcast to the Anoat sector[1]

Upon learning of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's death at the Battle of Endor, the Imperial Governor of the Anoat sector, Ubrik Adelhard, started his own well-organized Imperial remnant in the year 4 ABY. He set up the Iron Blockade, preventing anyone from leaving the sector.[2] Like Governor Ecressys of the Velcar sector,[3] Adelhard also spread the lie that Palpatine was still alive.[2] Among his assets, Adelhard counted Commander Bragh and his Purge Troopers, the black site prison known as "the Crypt," the various planetary garrisons, and the sector's fleet, including the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Dread Omen.[1]

Months into the blockade, a freedom fighting movement galvanized around a young smuggler from Burnin Konn, eventually becoming the Uprising. The Uprising managed to deal severe blows to Adelhard's faction, notably by raiding the Crypt and killing Commander Bragh.[1] Eventually, after months of fighting, Ubrik Adelhard's faction crumbled. Its last holdouts holed up in the Bolo Tanga room of Cloud City's casino level. With the help of a few Bespin Wing Guards and some New Republic soldiers, Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian flushed them out.[2]

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