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"Guys. I think we've looking in the wrong places. That's their fortress."
O-Mer on seeing the floating fortress in the sky[src]

The Ubrikkian Floating Fortress was a model of armed hover platform built by Ubrikkian Industries. Trandoshan hunters used such platforms as mobile headquarters during their hunting games on the moon of Wasskah.[1]


During the Clone Wars, Garnac and his hunting guild used it as their base to hunt their captured prey on Wasskah's Island Four.[2] In 20 BBY,[3] Garnac, his son Dar, and their fellow hunters attempted to hunt down the surviving Jedi Padawans led by Commander Ahsoka Tano.[2]

Following the deaths of Dar and Kalifa,[2] Tano was able to capture one of the hunters with the help of the other Padawans and their new Wookiee friend Chewbacca. They then forced the hunter to call Krix's hover pod, which they stole after incapacitating him. Together, Chewbacca and the Jedi were able to board the fortress and fought Garnac and his hunters until they were surrounded. Before the hunters could kill their new captives, General Tarfful and several his warriors, whom Chewbacca had previously contacted, arrived in Sugi's ship Halo. The combined force of Wookiees and Padawans were then able to finish the last of the hunters. Tano fought Garnac until she pushed him onto the lower decks to his death.[4]

Trophy collection[]

Several of the hunting guilds trophies.

The fortress had trophies that Garnac and his hunters had killed, skinned and placed in the bowels of the fortress. Among these trophies were a wampa and Wookiee pelts; stuffed and mounted heads of Ithorians, Gungans, Grans, Skrillings, a dragonsnake, a rancor, a reek; a pair of Lekku, a Mandalorian helmet, a crystal skull, and an ancient Mandalorian Neo-Crusader helmet; teeth that may or may not belong to a Zillo Beast, a fully mounted gundark, narglatch, mastiff phalone, and a Xandu.[5][6]



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