Uburluh: "The turncoat wakes, I gather. Is he in more pain?"
Dossa: "No, Doc Uburluh—he just saw his reflection, is all."
Dossa and Uburluh discuss Haazen's new prosthetics[src]

Uburluh was a male doctor and physicist who had the knowledge of prosthetics and a member of the Brotherhood of the Sith. When Haazen was ambushed by Dossa in the Ambush in the Ansharii Caverns, the failed Padawan was left severely wounded, and he was brought to Uburluh to be "fixed up". Uburluh quickly went to work to save Haazen's life, though he knew Haazen would look very disfigured after he was finished. When Haazen woke up and saw his own reflection, he screamed in agony at Uburluh, "What did you do to me?!"

Dossa told him he had been healed and that he had also been equipped with many Sith artifacts that could make him more powerful, such as the Yoke of Seeming, which Uburluh explained would let the Living Force flow past him, causing others to be unsure of his intentions. Dossa suggested that if Haazen were to find even more Sith equipment, he could become unstoppable. But Haazen had heard enough, and as revenge for what she had done to him, Haazen killed Dossa.


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