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«Throw me that droid head!»

Ugloste was the Ugnaught who operated the carbon-freezing chamber in Cloud City and who froze Han Solo.


Ugloste and his family had been slaves in Bespin for a long time. His wife died because some bureaucrat considered that saving her was too expensive. Ugloste was, thus, unhappy to admit that Human bureaucrats ruled the galaxy.

Later, as a 120-year-old Ugnaught, he met progress with a revival of Ugnaught culture in Bespin. New generations were born without knowing slavery, and that made him happy. Veteran manager of carbon freezing chamber, Ugloste took a new wife and had more children, who were taught how to mine for gas, as well as the virtues of hard work and respect for their elders. However, Ugloste had to take a second job at a junk foundry to raise enough money for his family.

Ugloste saw the Galactic Empire reaching Cloud City. Although some Ugnaughts advocated for resistance, Ugloste chose to wait: He would not risk his own happiness for a Human conflict.

Ugloste met with Chewbacca when the Wookiee entered Ugloste's foundry and, after fighting Ugloste and other Ugnaughts, took C-3PO's remains. Ugloste did not know how C-3PO had ended up there; he was only ordered to burn the droid's parts.

Later, another Imperial officer acting under Darth Vader's orders told Ugloste, with E-3PO as a translator, to modify the carbon freezing chamber. Ugloste was provided with the new requirements. He thought they were strange requirements, not understanding why anyone would want a carbon-frozen living Human. However, Ugloste knew the chamber in all of its facets, and finished his job with success.

He witnessed as Han Solo was painfully frozen yet survived.

Behind the scenes[]

Ugloste was played by small actor Jack Purvis, who also played a Jawa in A New Hope and Teebo in Return of the Jedi.

The character of Ugloste was first mentioned in the 1989 first edition of the West End Games sourcebook Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back as an example of a standard Ugnaught, and was only given roleplaying stats. The 1996 second edition of the sourcebook included a full profile of Ugloste as part of a major expansion by Pablo Hidalgo.



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