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"Black Three! That TIE fighter Y-wing thing is yours. I've got the ugly shuttle-fighter ship."
Temmin Wexley[src]

C-3PO and Poe Dameron run from strafing Ugly starships.

Ugly was a term used to describe starships which were crafted from various origins. The crime lord and First Order Terex's Ranc gang had an armada of Uglies, which he used to hunt down the Resistance agent Poe Dameron during the Cold war.


In the years following the Battle of Jakku, the former stormtrooper–turned–crime lord Terex assembled a fleet of Uglies for his crime syndicate Ranc gang. These Uglies were made from the parts of various former Imperial and New Republic starfighters. After Poe Dameron and C-3PO escaped with the spy droid N1-ZX, Terex mustered his fleet of Uglies to pursue the Resistance agents; hoping that they would lead him to the Resistance base on D'Qar.[1] Terex's Uglies and his flagship Carrion Spike eventually caught up with Poe Dameron's T-70 X-wing starfighter Black One above an unknown desert planet.[2]

Terex's Uglies pursued the Resistance fugitives but they managed to flee into a network of caves on the planet. Terex instead led a landing party. Shortly later, Poe's friends in Black Squadron arrived above the desert planet and engaged Terex's Uglies and the Carrion Spike.[3] During the dogfight, the Resistance agent Oddy Muva managed to rescue his wife Sowa Chuan and reprogram the Carrion Spike's laser cannons to attack Terex's Uglies, destroying several. Though Terex's lieutenants managed to regain control of the Carrion Spike, the Uglies and the Spike were destroyed by a Maxima A-class heavy cruiser, which had been sent by the First Order to arrest Terex for disobeying Supreme Leader Snoke's orders not to directly engage New Republic–aligned forces.[4]

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Zander Blazemaker II Return

Zander's Blazemaker Mark II

Uglies first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2016 comic Poe Dameron 8: The Gathering Storm, Part I, written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto and Angel Unzueta. Uglies first appeared in Star Wars Legends in the 1995 novel Ambush at Corellia, written by Roger MacBride Allen.

In Bob Roth and Bill Motz's non-canon animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, one of the protagonists Zander Freemaker is a starship mechanic and builder who has built a large fleet of Uglies out of starship parts. Nicknaming them Z-wings (or "Zander wings"), Zander considers them his pride and joy.[5] Zander's younger brother Rowan Freemaker and Roger once stole one of Zander's Uglies while searching for one of the Kyber Saber's crystals.[6] Zander also owned at least two "Uglies" which he named the Blazemaker[7] and Blazemaker Mark II.[8]


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