"Skinny v'lch. Not find husband, all skinny. Morrts can't live on skinny. Feed you. Make you Gweek. Good husband; two tuskers; nine morrts."
―Captain Ugmush suggests making Callista Ming into a proper Gamorrean sow[src]

Ugmush was the Gamorrean captain of the Cubeship Zicreex and had three husbands. She often presented herself in a garish combination of off-world clothes, with eye-paint and diamond nose-rings. Her long hair was dyed pink and her heavily-muscled arms and breasts were covered by fifteen parasitic morrts; a status symbol among Gamorreans as they demonstrated the strength and endurance of the host. Ugmush used a transliterator to overcome her inability to speak Basic, with the sultry voice of holovid star Amber Jevanche translating her words.

In 13 ABY, Ugmush picked up the former Jedi Knight Callista Ming as part of her crew. After a period of six months, Ugmush and her crew returned to Gamorr during slushtime. There, they were caught up in a murder mystery, when her brother Guth was framed. Callista managed to sort out the mess, killing the Kheilwar that was actually responsible for the murder.

Some time later, while on Nim Drovis, a Gopso'o rebellion took place and she fled the planet on her starship with the famous droids C-3PO and R2-D2, and the Chadra-Fan reporter Yarbolk Yemm.

While traveling through the outlying asteroid fields of the Drovian system, they were intercepted by the Quarantine Enforcement Cruiser Lycoming which detained them.



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