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"The stories of Ugnaughts' skill with smithing droids are legendary. We know that Ugnaughts are considered the hardest working species in the galaxy."
Din Djarin, to the Ugnaughts on Plazir-15[9]

Ugnaughts were a species of porcine, sentient humanoids, native to the planet Gentes. They were considered by many to be among the (if not the) hardest-working species in the galaxy. Although endemic to the planet Gentes, countless Ugnaughts considered Bespin's Cloud City their “home”; when the Corellian Lord Ecclesias Figg initiated construction on the ”cloud” civilization in Bespin's atmosphere, he had ultimately hired many Ugnaughts, due to their fastidious, driven and loyal work ethic. As a gesture of goodwill (and as a reward for their labor), the Ugnaught workers were gifted with several of the large lower levels of Cloud City, to settle and populate, a gift for which they remained forever grateful. In addition to populating the new floating settlement, those first Bespin Ugnaughts (as the ones predominantly responsible for constructing Cloud City) shared their knowledge with one another, as well as passing it on to their future generations. Their natural diligence and quick problem-solving would greatly benefit Cloud City's daily maintenance needs, in addition to the many utilities and mechanical, electrical and structural concerns associated with the floating city.

Biology and appearance[]

Ugnaughts were diminutive, porcine humanoids who had pink skin, upturned noses, white hair, and thick layers of jowls.[4] Some had tusks that they used in blood duels,[1] They were strong and resilient, and their life-spans reached up to more than 200 standard years.[10] Ugnaught children were knowns as "Ugletts." Members of the species who lived on Cloud City had a diet of genteslugs and various types of molds and fungi grown in dark, dank side tunnels off their main living areas.[8] The Ugnaught's natural habitat was desert or wastelands.[7]

Society and culture[]

"There's a particular way to communicate with them. Accusing their work of malfunctioning is an insult."
Din Djarin, to Bo-Katan Kryze[9]

The Ugnaughts divided themselves into a tribal hierarchy.[4] They favored the color red, the presence of which tended to improve their work productivity.[8] Accusing their work of malfunctioning was considered an insult among Ugnaughts. It was common for Ugnaughts to end a statement with the phrase "I have spoken" when making a declaration or announcing their mind was made up.[9]


Ugnaughts btm

Ugnaughts in Cloud City

Ugnaughts evolved on Gentes, a planet located in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim Territories. However, throughout history, many were sold into slavery and taken to new worlds to work as indentured servants.[1]

By the time of the Galactic Empire's blockade of the Anoat sector, few Ugnaught clans remained on Gentes, and slavers still raided their homes. Out of desperation, the porcine beings were forced to hide in the swamps and send out a distress signal, offering supplies to whoever would rescue them.[11]

Many Ugnaughts who remained on Gentes were sold into slavery and were spread throughout the galaxy.[12]

Ugnaughts in the galaxy[]

"You! What are you doing there?"
"Uh… my job. Just doing the final inspection on these tibanna pallets before transport."
"Yeah? That's funny. 'Cause the Ugnaughts do that. And you don't look like an Ugnaught."
―A stormtrooper and Leia Organa[13]

Many Ugnaughts found work across the galaxy everywhere from the Coruscant to Lothal.[4] The Ugnaught Fitan was a Jedi Master during the High Republic Era and trained the human Oliviah Zeveron, who arose to become a Jedi Knight.[14] During the Clone Wars, Erk Zallis served the Galactic Republic and manned a carbon-freezing chamber located in the Jedi Temple.[15] One notable Ugnaught scholar and antiquities expert was Korin Pers, who managed to become a respected sava at the University of Bar'leth, in the Core Worlds.[16]

When the Corellian eccentric Lord Ecclessis Figg decided to build Cloud City, a floating tibanna gas mine colony high in the atmosphere of Bespin, he brought in three Ugnaught clans to help him. In exchange for their help, the pig-like aliens were rewarded their freedom and freedom of the city.[1] The freed slaves built a floating colony of their own, the Ugnaught Surface, with the city of Ugnorgrad as its capital.[17] During the Galactic Civil War, a large group of Ugnaughts still worked on Cloud City. Some of them attempted to melt down the dismembered remains of the protocol droid C-3PO, but were interrupted by the Wookiee Chewbacca. Other Ugnaughts worked in the carbon-freezing chamber where Darth Vader ordered Han Solo be frozen in carbonite.[2]


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