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"Many humans will try an' tell ye there ain't no such thing as the surface o' Bespin, an' technically they be right -- that's why Boss Ugnor decided the planet needed one. Usin' leftover materials from the construction project floatin' overhead, materials given freely by a grateful Baron Figg, Boss Ugnor led thousands of Ugnaughts in a second massive construction project. An' as ye can see, the Surface has evolved o'er time, just as any landscape would."
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The Ugnaught Surface was the name of the artificial Ugnaught colony built in the atmosphere of the planet Bespin, just one kilometer below the main colony of Cloud City.


The Ugnaught Surface measured approximately one square kilometer in surface area and contained artificial swamps, marshes, and jungles that were reminiscent of Gentes. No herbivores or large predators were known to inhabit the Surface, but a crashed ship had brought in stinging nank flys.[2]

Located in the middle of the largest of the four sections that made up the Surface, the city of Ugnorgrad dominated the landscape. This main section was connected to the other three by tunnel-like transport tubes.[source?] Many sections of the internal plasteel structure were exposed to the elements due to rough weather and aircar collisions, with some girders repurposed to become tourist walkways.[1]

The Surface remained stable and floating at an ideal altitude thanks to a large set of tibanna gas-filled bladders.[1] Its bowl-shaped structure allowed condensing moisture to be collected from Bespin's atmosphere, which could then be used to feed the artificial landscapes.[2]


The city was originally the vision of Boss Ugnor, a popular Ugnaught leader that had helped Ecclessis Figg build Cloud City. Using donated, left-over materials from the construction of Ecclessis Figg's city, the Surface was used as a base, where Ugnaughts could mine the ores and minerals used to construct the Cloud City facility. Later on, it became somewhat of a refuge for Ugnaughts that did not wish to live on Cloud City nor return to their homeworld of Gentes,[source?] and additionally for tourists overflowing from the crowds on Cloud City after the fall of the Empire.[1]

While the population was constantly changing, the Surface generally held between 10,000 to 20,000 Ugnaughts, not counting visitors.[2]

When Lando Calrissian took over as Baron Administrator of Cloud City, he promised to double the wages of Ugnaught miners, provided that any tibanna refining on the Surface ended.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Ugnaught Surface was established in response to Star Wars 57, which showed Bespin as having a habitable surface—a phenomenon that is impossible on a gas giant.



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