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"Finally, a home for Ugnaughts by Ugnaughts."
King Ozz[src]

Ugnorgrad, otherwise known as the City of the Ugnaughts, was the de facto capital of the Ugnaught Surface facility, a floating colony built by the Ugnaughts in orbit around the planet Bespin.


Significant locations in Ugnorgrad included the Ugnorgrad Performance Hall, Action Tidings Tower, Union Hall, and the start of the Ugnorgrad Swampway skimmer race course.


The city was named after the legendary Boss Ugnor, and was the retirement location of many Ugnaughts hailing from the Cloud City workforce. They preferred Ugnorgrad and the Ugnaught Surface to staying in Cloud City, and also felt no need to travel back to their home planet of Gentes, due to all the time and work spent on the Bespin colonies.

In the early years of the New Republic, the Ugnaught King Ozz was the ruler of Ugnorgrad.



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