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"I booked passage aboard an Ugor streamer on its way to the Wookiee world. It is a challenge to tolerate the stink emanating from these shapeless jelly bags. Hardly room for a brain inside that oozing mess!"
Tyro Viveca[src]

Ugors were a sentient blob-like species that existed in the galaxy. During the High Republic Era, Archivist OrbaLin was the first member of the species to ever join the Jedi Order. HarrGick was a male Ugor that was in Coronet Spaceport on Corellia in 13 BBY, during the Imperial Era. Ugors could sprout pseudopods that performed the functions of limbs and, according to Tyro Viveca, they exuded an unpleasant smell.

Biology and appearance[]

A sentient species, Ugors were blob-like entities[1] which could be colored green.[2] They could sprout pseudopods which performed the functions of limbs, and Tyro Viveca considered them to smell unpleasant.[3] Ugors could also shape their bodies to be able to speak, as well as trapping objects or ensnaring people inside of themselves. It was possible for Ugors to be Force-sensitive.[2]

Society and culture[]

When out and about in the galaxy, Ugors typically wore environment suits which allowed them to project a humanoid form more easily, using their pseudopods to animate it.[2] Known members of the species, such as HarrGick[1] and OrbaLin,[2] had one-word, two-part names with a capitalized letter in the middle.

Ugors in the galaxy[]

During the High Republic Era, the Jedi Archivist OrbaLin was the first Ugor to ever be admitted to the Jedi Order. He later served as the resident archivist onboard the Starlight Beacon space station.[2] In the Imperial Era, the Ugor HarrGick was present in Coronet Spaceport on Corellia in 13 BBY.[1] The hunter Tyro Viveca wrote in the Smuggler's Guide about travelling onboard an Ugor starship to Kashyyyk, finding their smell unpleasant and considering them unintelligent.[3]



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