"This is a bust of the infamous warlord Ugroth. He swore fealty to Darth Nyriss a dozen years ago when she led an Imperial force into his sector to subdue a potential uprising."

Ugroth was a male warlord whose sector was conquered by the reconstituted Sith Empire in the year 3966 BBY in order to suppress possibilities of rebellion. He swore fealty to Darth Nyriss, a member of the Empire's ruling Dark Council and the head of the Imperial attackers, prompting Nyriss to order a commemorative bust of Ugroth, which she placed in her residence. Her attaché, Sechel, later described Ugroth's bust to the Sith Lord Scourge when he arrived at Nyriss's stronghold.[1]

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Ugroth was first mentioned in Drew Karpyshyn's 2011 novel The Old Republic: Revan, when the Scourge first enters Darth Nyriss' residence and is treated to a running commentary on the artwork by Sechel.[1]


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