Ujii was a Bith musician and the third member of the Twisted Rancor Trio, playing the kloo horn.


Ujii was originally hired by Gilthos Uksaris as the third member of the Twisted Rancor Trio when Uksaris was scrambling to find musicians to back his singer Elinda. As Ujii's brother Ujaa had been signed on by Uksaris, it was only natural for Ujaa to join as well.

Elinda, however, complaining that Ujaa's music skill was lackluster, threatened to resign. In response, Uksaris fired Ujaa, and just as Ujii followed his brother into the band, so did he follow his brother out, quitting promptly afterwards. The two were replaced by the Biths Loopa and Fodo respectively.

Uksaris would later write a narrative of the band's history titled Guts and Glory: A Chronicle of The Amazing Story of The Twisted Rancor Trio, featuring Ujii alongside other members of the band.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ujii is only seen as a hologram in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The player, as Revan, can find a security crate delivered to Gilthos Uksaris at an apartment in the Lower City of Taris. The footlocker is defended by a Holo-Sec Corp Holo-Sec Corp anti-theft explosive, which necessitates that the six holoprojectors of the band's members surrounding it be activated in order of the members recruitment. The player can figure out the solution to this puzzle by referring to the datapad on the nearby desk which contains Uksaris's draft of the history of the band.


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