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Ukio was a well-known agriworld in the Ukio system of the Abrion sector and the homeworld of the Ukians. It served as one of the top producers of foodstuffs for the Core Worlds.


Another view of Ukio.

Ukio was located within a star system of the same name in the Abrion sector of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy.[1] It was situated on the Manda Merchant Route, a hyperlane that connected it to Rishi and Molavar.[3] Ukio itself was a large, terrestrial planet with gentle winds, calm weather, and a mild climate, which featured virtually no seasonal variation due to the world's slow rotation and low axial tilt. It had a breathable atmosphere and light gravity. Ukio's land consisted of three major continents cut through by hundreds of rivers. An Ukian day lasted 22 standard hours and an Ukian year lasted 357 local days[4]

Ukio was one of the best-known and most efficient agricultural planets in its sector, featuring a growing season which lasted most of its year and ideal conditions for the production of grain and other foodstuffs. Ukio's surface, originally dominated by rolling hills and wild grasses, was almost entirely given over to food production, but still contained ample fallow land for future expansion of the industry. Hundreds of rivers provided natural irrigation, which was expanded through the use of technology which harnessed and diverted them. Ukian farmland was carefully cultivated and painstakingly maintained for maximum output, and crop rotation was required by law to prevent the destruction of arable land. The world was governed by the Overliege, a hereditary monarch,[4] and was defended by planetary shields, which were operated by the Ukian Defense Service.[8] Sashasa was a city on Ukio.[6]


Early history and secession[]

"Many of the worlds that we service, our neighbors, have already seceded. It is most prudent for us to continue serving them as best as possible. Furthermore, removed from the burden of Republic tariffs and bureaucracy, we will actually see a rise in efficiency and, eventually, profits for our farmers."
―Ukian Overliege Topas dosLa, shortly after his planet's secession[src]

A Republic LAAT over Ukio in 21 BBY.

The region of space surrounding Ukio was explored between 15,000 and 8000 BBY,[9] and during the final years of the New Sith Wars, it was within space controlled by the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness.[7] During the Inter-Sith Wars period, a vast agricultural district was the site of an archaeological excavation after ground samples revealed synthetical debris. It was believed that an old settlement lies beneath the acreage.[10] Ukio was later part of the Galactic Republic and provided a sizeable percentage of food shipments to the Core Worlds by 23 BBY, but in the following year, the world seceded from the Republic along with the rest of the Abrion sector. At the time, it was ruled by Overliege Topas dosLa, who wanted his world to have better control over its exports and to no longer suffer under burdensome Republic tariffs.[6] When the Clone Wars began, Ukio was within space controlled by the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[11] but this did not last thanks to Jedi Master Yoda, who negotiated a personal entreaty that brought back the planet into the Republic. However, in the aftermath of the Battle of Ukio, the planet was taken over by the Corporate Alliance.[2]

Imperial Period and later history[]

"Perhaps one of the most technically demanding and ingenious attacks of the war was launched against the planet Ukio. Ukio, one of the New Republic's key agricultural production facilities, was conquered by the Empire with its shield generators intact."
―Voren Na'al, Director of New Republic Council Research[src]

Ukio is attacked during the Thrawn campaign.

Ukio was later part of the Galactic Empire, and many native Humans joined the military, including Corporal Oberk and Sergeant Narthax.[12] Ukio eventually fell into the hands of the New Republic, where it served in the top five of planets for food production,[13] but was later attacked by Thrawn during his campaign against the New Republic. This was where he first used the trick, coordinated by Joruus C'baoth, of firing turbolaser blasts at the shields and having cloaked ships, which had sneaked in with the planetary shields down, to fire. This caused the appearance that Thrawn was firing through the shields, and Ukio surrendered.[14]



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