Ulda Frav was a tropical planet located in the Hangshan sector of the Expansion Region.


Old Republic eraEdit

Sometime before the Freedon Nadd Uprising, Qrrrl Toq traveled across the galaxy in search of wisdom and eventually arrived on the tropical planet of Ulda Frav where he encountered several Jedi who were arbitrating a local treaty. Upon approaching the strange group of beings, Toq began asking them questions concerning who and what they were. In response, the Jedi told Toq that he possessed within himself the power which would allow him to eventually join their ranks. The Jedi, however, were taken aback when Toq advised them that he had never heard of the Jedi Order, nor anything of the Force. Realizing that they had encountered a being who could one day become a great member of their Order, the Jedi invited Toq to travel with them back to the planet of Ossus.[2]

Rise of the Empire eraEdit

Around the time of the formation of the Galactic Empire, Vlaydm Churhee was a sharpshooter in the Army of the First Line on Ulda Frav. In the decade following the end of the Clone Wars, Churhee used this experience to form a unit of soldiers-for-hire, Churhee's Riflemen.[3]


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