"This is unacceptable! Why did I create you people -- If I can't depend on you?
When you designed the galaxy, Lord Daiman, you placed Aquilaris too far away...You're challenging yourself with puzzles only your mind can solve.
―Daiman and Uleeta[src]

Uleeta was a female Woostoid who lived during the Republic Dark Age. She served as an aide to the Sith Lord Daiman and was a high-ranking government official in his principality which was known as the Daimanate. While she was not Force-sensitive, her strategic position enabled her to serve as a confidant to her Sith master.


The EncumberedEdit

Little is known about how Uleeta came into the service of the Sith Lord Daiman during the Republic Dark Age. However, it is known that she held a high position in his governing circle despite not displaying any signs of sensitivity. She was known to reside at Daiman's palace Sanctum Celestial which was situated in Xakrea, the capital city of Darkknell. As a subject of his principality known as the Daimanate, she at least publicly acknowledged Daiman as the "Creator of the Universe" but did not express any obvious disagreement due to Daiman's bloodthirsty nature. As an "Encumbered", moniker for any subject of the Daimanate, Uleeta was indoctrinated to view herself as a mere extension of her Master's will. Her master Daiman was a narcissistic young Human man who saw himself as the Creator of the Universe and regarded all other beings as soulless automatons made to serve him.

Serving the CreatorEdit

In 1032 BBY, she was present with her Master following the Raid on Nilash III where Jedi Knight Kerra Holt had liberated the native slave laborers. Later that year, Uleeta was present in Xakrea when the Black Fang military research facility was destroyed by the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and the Bothan spy Narsk Ka'hane. The latter was subsequently captured by Daiman's Correctors after Kerra overpowered and dumped him in a rubbish bin before stealing his stealth suit. Following Narsk's interrogation, Uleeta was present during a holoconference with the Sith Lord Ayanos Bactra, the Quermian ruler of the Bactranate. Officially, Daiman wanted to buy an arxeum—a mobile university dedicated to teaching war sciences—from Bactra. During the meeting between Daiman and Bactra, Narsk was present in a torture wheel since Daiman had arranged for him to escape and inform Odion about the Gazzari deal. Narsk witnessed Uleeta by Daiman's side during the meeting and assumed she was the Sith Lord's aide–de–camp.

Due to her worn-out appearance, Narsk surmised that Daiman had not hired her for her charm. Prior to the meeting, Uleeta witnessed the Bothan being hit by Force lightning after Daiman sensed that Narsk had thought that the Sith Lord was a narcissist obsessed with his public appearance. When Uleeta raised concerns about the enemy spy's presence during the meeting, Daiman ordered her not to remove Narsk since he wanted the Bothan spy to lure his estranged older brother and rival Sith warlord Odion into a trap on the planet Gazzari by leaking information about Daiman's business deal with Bactra. Later, Uleeta was present during a second meeting where Daiman enlisted the services of several mercenary leaders including the Human Jarrow Rusher, the Togorian Kr'saang, and the Toong Mak Medagazy. He hired them to set a trap on Gazzari for Odion's ground forces and informed them that 1,700 students recruited throughout the Daimanate to work at the Bactranate's arxeum would be used as bait during the fighting.

Later, she traveled with Daiman to the planet Gazzari, where he was preparing to ambush the forces of his brother Odion. Prior to the battle, Uleeta and Daiman were alone in Daiman's command tent, which had been built at the base of a caldera. Unknown to the participants, the Jedi Kerra Holt had made her way to Gazzari by hitch-hiking aboard Daiman's flagship Era Daimanos and was eavesdropping on them. This meeting turned out to be an indoctrination session where the Sith Lord tried without success to make the Woostoid aide a complete extension of his mind. Kerra overheard Daiman chiding Uleeta for breathing when he had not told her too.

Throughout the meeting, Daiman donned a sleeveless black tunic and gripped the Woostoid woman's hair in an attempt to both seduce and completely enthrall his aide. For her part, Uleeta wore a silken white dress. Daiman got Uleeta to agree to a second thought exercise campaign where he got her to chant Daimanite propaganda which glorified himself as the Creator of the Universe. Daiman wanted to control her every movement including her speech, sight, and breathing. To become a conduit of the Sith Lord, Uleeta had to lower her defenses and completely submit her mind to his will. The high concentration of dark side energy and the close body contact with her master caused Uleeta to shake uncontrollably. Towards the end of the exercise, Uleeta lifted her right hand as Daiman had ordered her through Force persuasion to do so.

However, Uleeta spoke which caused Daiman to lose control of her mind. While Uleeta was obeying his command to raise her hand, the Sith Lord was still unhappy because he wanted his own will to directly activate her motion. Daiman was further infuriated after Uleeta's heart started beating and began breathing without him directing her organs to do so. Uleeta tried to explain that her body processes were autonomous but Daiman refused to believe that any lifeform could have autonomy. Daiman's tantrum caused the frustrated Uleeta to weep in disgrace. While Uleeta did not suffer any physical injuries during the process, she sustained emotional and psychological damage inflicted through Daiman's Force exercise.

In the end, the self-proclaimed Creator was forced to concede that while he could animate objects and persuade sentient beings to act, he could not act directly through them. Daiman then violently shoved Uleeta off the trunk she was sitting on and rifled through it, seeking a holocron that he believed could give him the answers to allowing him to control all life. Uleeta attempted to allay her Master's anger by telling him about an ancient Sith Lord known as Karness Muur who was able to enthrall entire populations and turn them into extensions of his will. She added that Muur had been developing a method to shift his own consciousness from one organic form to another. Since this information challenged Daiman's credo that all life had been created by him twenty-five years ago, Daiman conceded that he had planted this information in the past in order to allow him to escape from the "prison" of his own body.

After repeating the Sith mantra, Daiman ordered Uleeta to get up since the ambush had begun. He promised to continue the session after the battle. Daiman's treatment of Uleeta made the Jedi woman Kerra more determined to kill the Sith Lord. However, she failed to find a suitable opportunity to kill Daiman during the battle on Gazzari. Instead, she used baradium explosives to destroy Odion's massive siege tower the "Death Spiral" and then escaped Gazzari with the students after convincing the mercenary Rusher to evacuate them on his flagship Diligence. Meanwhile, the Bothan spy Narsk resurfaced during the battle after receiving a coded instruction from his true master Calimondra family matriarch Vilia Calimondra to deliver a transmission to her grandsons Odion and Daiman. Narsk succeeded in delivering Calimondra's message via comlink to the two Sith brothers who quickly ceased fighting.

In the transmission, Calimondra ordered her grandsons to cease fighting and to launch an invasion of the Bactranate. In the end, the two Sith brothers reunited and annihilated Lord Bactra's forces. Uleeta was presumably present during this campaign which saw the collapse of the Bactranate within a few days. During a family bequest Vilia divided the Bactranate's former territories and corporate assets among her grandchildren. Daiman inherited the corporation Industrial Heuristics and its subsidiaries while Odion inherited the former Bactranate capital of Jutrand. However, this brief period of cooperation did little to end the simmering tensions between the two Sith Lords.

The Hutt InterloperEdit

During the Aquilaris campaign, Uleeta tried to soothe her Master's rage at the loss of Aquilaris to Grace Command by explaining that he positioned Aquilaris too far away from his capital of Darkknell when he created the universe. She also added that the Deluge spice infiltrating his military forces were the product of mind puzzles only Daiman could solved. A satisfied Daiman concurred, dismissing the Deluge epidemic as one more handicap blocking his path to power. Uleeta carried out his orders to purge the addicts from his pilot corps twice before his estranged relatives received intelligence about Daiman's actions. Daiman hoped that the Jedi and Hutts would wipe out each other but feared any victory by Kerra, his main Jedi opponent.

During the Battle of Darkknell, Darkknell was invaded by the forces of the Hutt crimelord Zodoh who proceeded to create an artificial global flood which devastated large areas of the planet and killed countless sentients. Daiman's forces were unprepared for this attack since he had purged half of his defense force and the remainder were trapped in protracted border engagements with his Sith competitors. At the Sanctum Celestial, Uleeta advised her master to record a new holomessage since the preceeding message calling for calm had been rendered outdated by the impending artificial deluge. When she added that Daiman seemed to have willed the Southern Reservoir to burst its walls, Daiman angrily rebuffed her and lamented his earlier edict to purge his home defense force of spice adicts. Uleeta was subsequently caught in a floodwave which swept into the fortress, causing extensive interior damage. It is currently unknown whether she survived this flood.

Personality and traitsEdit

"You seem to have willed the Southern Reservoir to burst its walls."
―Uleeta parroting Daiman's philosophy[src]

Due to Daiman's volatile personality, Uleeta was reluctant to express her thoughts and perspectives. As with all other subjects of the Daimanate, she had to outwardly subscribed to his narcissistic ideology and philosophy which posited Daiman as the Creator of the Universe. Despite his claims to be omnipresent and omnipotent, Uleeta was aware of his delusions or at least pretended to believe that he had willed any misfortune as a means of besting them. Often, she would try to explain that any challenges or bad developments were the products of mind puzzles created by her Master which only he himself could solve as Creator of the Universe.

Behind the scenesEdit

Uleeta was first introduced as a minor supporting antagonist in Knight Errant: Aflame 5, the last issue of the Aflame story arc. She subsequently would reappear in two issues of the Deluge story arc where she played a subordinate role in her relationship with Sith Lord Daiman. John Jackson Miller developed her story background while he was drawn by Ivan Rodriguez and colored by Michael Atiyeh. She is one of the characters to appear in all issues within the Deluge story arc.


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