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Ulfor Bombaasa[2] was a male human[1] who was present outside the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru District of the planet Coruscant[3] in the year 19 BBY[4] during a performance of the opera Squid Lake.[3] Bombaasa was walking up the steps of the opera house with[1] the alien Opula Deget behind Duke Teta and the Twi'lek Koyi Mateil[2] when the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker ran passed them on his way to meet with Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Bombaasa had fair skin and brown hair.[1] He wore a black fur trimmed purple coat and a light purple silk shirt and gold sash along with a pair of black boots.[2]


Bombassa walks into the Opera House with Opula Deget, while Duke Teta and Koyi Mateil walk in front

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Ulfor Bombaasa was portrayed by James McBryde in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, which was released on May 19, 2005.[5] James McBryde also had previously appeared as an unnamed extra in Dex's Diner in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. The character's name was first revealed by the reference book Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars, which was written by Trisha Biggar and released on October 1, 2005. The name was then used in canon in Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia,[2] a reference book released on April 4, 2017.[6]



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