Ulizra was the religion of the Nazzar. It was created by the princess Ikree during a boqeri, or ritual exile. Its basic beliefs were codified as the Great Structure. Ikree returned to her homeworld of Nazzri and overthrew and killed her father, the emperor-king Prrit Qabaq, a follower of the dark side.

Ikree's precepts were corrupted and made the basis of a theocratic regime after she was murdered 6 months into her reign by one of her father's former loyalists. Her descendant, Qrrrl Toq, after discovering the truth behind the Ulizra, left Nazzri on his own boqeri, eventually becoming a Jedi Knight.

Ulizra had three basic principles:

  1. The group is greater than the individual.
  2. Aliens will contaminate the Nazzar.
  3. All other religions which conflict with Ulizra must be destroyed.

These principles were probably instituted by the praefects, or priests, after Ikree's death, as the concept of boqeri included the inherent idea that exploration and curiosity led to religious insight.

Ulizra was divided into fourteen sects, and the leaders of the fourteen sects, along with the monarchy, ruled the Nazzar homeworld of Nazzri. Because of its intolerance and the fact that the majority of Nazzar were followers of Ulizra, the Nazzar were viewed as xenophobic.


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