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Ulmatra was a trade planet that was located within the star system of the same name. It was a part of the galaxy's Hutt Space region and lay on the intersection of the hyperlanes called the Pabol Sleheyron and The Dead Road. At some point during or after the year 3643 BBY, Ulmatra housed hundreds of corporations that were suspected of money laundering.


Ulmatra was a minor trade world[2] that was located within the Ulmatra system of the galaxy's Hutt Space region.[1] It lay at the intersection of the Pabol Sleheyron and The Dead Road hyperlanes. The former connected Ulmatra to the planets Sleheyron and Randa, while the latter linked the planet to the worlds of Kafane and Zisia.[2] Ulmatra was home to the creature known as the Ulmatran condor,[3][4] and the planet lay within the sphere of influence of the Kajidier kajidic, a clan of the Hutt species.[5]


During or after the year 3643 BBY,[6] Ulmatra housed hundreds of corporations that were suspected of money laundering.[7]

An individual visited Ulmatra at that time and sliced the corporations' computers in order to find out which businesses laundered credits. The slicer discovered that several of the corporations laundered money for the criminal organization known as the Exchange and was generously rewarded for that information by the Hutts.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ulmatra was first mentioned in The Essential Atlas, a 2009 reference book co-authored by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace, which placed the planet in grid square S-10.[2] The planet was later mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed by BioWare and released in 2011, in which it was used as a possible location for players to assign their companions on individual quests.[7]


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