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Ulon Glost

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[[Image:UlonGlost.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Glost inside [[Mensix Mining Facility]].]]
|name=Ulon Glost
|species=[[Mustafarian/Legends|Mustafarian]] (northern)
|affiliation=[[Mensix Mining Facility]]
{{Quote|We have a crisis brewing here and I need to focus on getting the problem dealt with.|Chief Ulon Glost|Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan}}
[[Chief/Legends|Chief]] '''Ulon Glost''' was a [[Sexes/Legends|male]] [[Mustafarian/Legends|Mustafarian]] that lived on [[Mustafar/Legends|Mustafar]] at the time of the [[Galactic Civil War/Legends|Galactic Civil War]]. He was one of the [[Mining/Legends|mining]] crew chiefs of [[Mensix Corp]], working at the [[Mensix Mining Facility]].
In [[1 ABY/Legends|1 ABY]] a man-eating [[tulrus]] attacked several of Glost's mining teams, wounding several and killing eight [[miners]] who had been out on survey missions in the area near the [[Tulrus Island]]. The mining crews were afraid of the beast and refused to go out before the problem was taken care of. To ensure the safety of their employees, the Mensix Mining Company decided to hire a [[Hunting/Legends|hunter]].
'''Chief Ulon Glost''' was a [[Mustafarian]] employed by [[Mensix Corp]]. He was a chief of [[Mensix Mining Facility]] on [[Mustafar]] during the [[Galactic Civil War]].
Glost was glad to meet an expert hunter at the Mensix Mining Facility who agreed to track down and kill the man-eating tulrus. As the miners didn't know which tulrus was attacking the miners, the hunter had to kill several of the creatures to examine their stomach contents. But when the hunter was still busy examining a dead tulrus, the dangerous beast stuck again at [[Dying miner's camp|a mining camp]]. When the hunter arrived at the camp, most of the miners were dead or dying. The beast, a huge and furious tulrus named [[Foehorn]] was still near the camp. The hunter attacked Foehorn and after a hard fight, managed to slay the beast.
Glost once hired hunters to kill a [[tulrus]] that was responsible for eating several miners. Glost requested that the hunters examine the stomach contents of the tulrus to ensure that the right one had been killed.
When the hunter returned, Glost rewarded the hunter with a mounted tulrus spine.
==Behind the scenes==
Chief Ulon Glost was a [[Wikipedia:Non-player character|Non-Player Character]] (NPC) in [[Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan|''Trials of Obi-Wan'']], the third expansion for [[Sony|Sony Online Entertainment's]] [[Wikipedia:Massively multiplayer online role-playing game|MMORPG]] ''[[Star Wars Galaxies]]'' prior to the games closure on [[December 15]], 2011. He could be found in the Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar where he offered the quest [[W:c:swg:The Man-eater|The Man-eater]] to players. This quest required the player to kill several tulruses as well as the tulrus Foehorn.
*{{SWG|[[Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan|Trials of Obi-Wan]]}} {{1st}}
*''[[Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan]]'' {{1st}}
==External inks==
*{{SWGWiki|Chief Ulon Glost}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Glost, Ulon}}
[[Category:Mustafarians|Glost, Ulon]]
[[Category:Businesspeople|Glost, Ulon]]
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