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The Ultimo Vista was a giga-class transport that roamed the vast cityscape of the Galactic Republic capital planet Coruscant in the years immediately leading up to the Clone Wars. Fully autonomous, the Ultimo Vista, along with several thousand full-time residents, slowly traveled around the planet with no predetermined endpoint. As such, the ship was essentially a self-contained miniature planet; the luxury transport contained several climate-controlled areas designed and fitted with forests and bodies of water, as well as rows of apartment blocks. Portions of the ship's travel course passed above Corusca Circus in the Old District of the planet-wide city.


The Ultimo Vista was a giga-class transport built with the intention to serve as a self-sufficient pleasure cruiser. As such, the interior of the ship was modeled to be completely contained within itself; several apartment-style living quarters, arranged in blocks lining the exterior of the pleasure transport, provided residence for the multiple thousand passengers who made the ship their home. Also included within the ship were multiple enclosed habitation areas. These were climate-controlled; their contents ranged from concentrations of forests, rivers, and small seas. The ship boasted several sports fields near to the vast apartment blocks. Toward the rear of the craft sat areas designated for storage.[1]

The ship was roughly ovoid in shape; a stabilizer sat horizontally on the ship's fore. Several rings of light, colored blue, also showed on the craft, giving the Ultimo Vista a strange glow. The ship also moved fairly slowly, in keeping with the leisurely profile the Ultimo Vista was designed for. The combination of these traits, along with its autonomous profile, inspired the description "ghost ship" to form from many of Coruscant's residents.[1]


The Ultimo Vista passes above Corusca Circus.

The Ultimo Vista was considered an odd sight in the ecumenopolis of the planet Coruscant. The ship began its voyage through the many city districts of Coruscant several decades before 22 BBY. The Ultimo Vista was loaded with several thousand residents, and set off on its journey. However, the journey it was scheduled to follow never contained an endpoint; the ship was destined to roam the skyways of the planet-wide city for as long as it would operate.[1]

It did so, with the several thousand passengers living aboard the self-contained ship. As the ship aged, these residents did as well. By the time surrounding the Battle of Geonosis and the advent of the Clone Wars, most of the giga-class transport's passengers had become elderly, living much of their lives on the ship.[1]

During their chase after Zam Wesell, an assassin who had attempted to kill Senator Padmé Amidala in 22 BBY, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker narrowly avoided impact with the slow-moving craft inside of an airspeeder. Utilizing his skills in piloting mechanical craft, Skywalker pulled the "borrowed" airspeeder out of a dive at the last second, much to the chagrin of his master, and continued the chase.[2] During this time, the Ultimo Vista was cruising through Corusca Circus in the Old District of Coruscant.[1]

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The Ultimo Vista was first briefly spotted in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones during the scenes involving the pursuit of Zam Wesell. Its backstory, as well as several descriptions, were presented in the book Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and again in the later collection Star Wars: Complete Locations.



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