Umbaran Soldiers of the Umbaran militia

Umbaran Soldiers were members of the Umbaran militia who served their homeworld as militants.


The Umbarans were highly trained in combat, which proved effective during the Republic assault on their homeworld. They caused heavy casualties on the Republic side using the cover of darkness[source?] which continuously covered Umbara.[1]


They were encased inside a protective suit which covered their faces.[2][3][4][5] Their helmets fed its wearer a potent gas mixture that kept them ready for combat, improving their reflexes and aggression level.[6] They utilized their standard blasters[7] but also made use of other advanced weapons such as the millicreep[8] and the Umbaran hover tank.[9]

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Behind the scenesEdit

According to the trivia section for "The General" on the official Star Wars website, inspiration for the pressure suited Umbaran soldiers includes the Zentraedi from Robotech and the Sardaukar from Dune.[6]



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