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The Umbaran hover tank was a high tech armored assault vehicle made by the Umbaran people and used by them during the Battle of Umbara.


The Umbaran hover tank was a single-pilot vehicle built around an armored control pod flanked by twin conducting vanes that each housed an electromagnetic plasma cannon capable of decimating entire platoons of enemy troops with a single blast. The conducting vanes rotated and split open to serve as landing struts when the vehicle was powered down in a docked configuration.[1] Although its cockpit was armored, its vanes were vulnerable to AT-RT fire.[4]


The Umbaran militia deployed these vehicles during the Battle of Umbara. It caused many casualties to the Republic forces.[4] Thanks to the Umbaran alliance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the tank fell into the hands of the Separatist Droid Army.[3] These tanks caused heavy casualties though some were destroyed by AT-RTs.[4] A Jedi Knight hijacked one of them and used them to destroy 4 Umbaran mobile heavy cannons.[5]



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