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"Resistance from the Umbarans has been greater than anticipated."
―Jedi General Pong Krell[src]

The Umbaran militia was the local defense force of Umbara, a shadowy world in the Ghost Nebula. The militia was comprised of the planet's native Umbaran people, who utilized their advanced technology that had been developed on their world to defend their holdings and attack enemy forces. Aside from the soldiers who served as infantry units, the militia also made use of millicreep assassin droids, heavy hover tanks, multi-legged assault tanks, and massive and mobile heavy cannons. The Umbarans also employed air defense vehicles, including their technologically-unique starfighters and combat support ships.

During the Clone Wars, the Umbaran militia fought against the Galactic Republic in support of their world's defection to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Although the Grand Army of the Republic's Jedi Generals had hoped for the combat on the world to be quickly resolved, the Umbaran militia proved to have be more resourceful and tenacious than predicted. The Umbarans inflicted heavy casualties against their enemy's clone trooper forces, but were eventually forced to fall back towards the capital city of Umbara. After the Republic's 501st Legion seized a key militia airbase, High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi moved on the capital and usurped control from the Umbaran natives. Despite receiving covert assistance from rogue Jedi Master Pong Krell, the militia met with defeat near their captured airbase, ending the battle for Umbara.


"We don't know what we're up against. They have weapons that we've never seen before."

The Umbaran Militia used millicreep droids and Umbaran blaster rifles. The Umbarans wore body suits filled with gas to energize the soldiers. When the visor was broken, it could prove disastrous to the Umbaran. The oxygen would be pulled out with the release of the compressed gas, causing the Umbaran to die from lack of oxygen.


The Umbaran Militia used a wide variety of vehicles to wreak havoc on the clone army. These included Umbaran hover tanks, technologically-advanced starfighters, Impeding Assault Tanks, Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannons, and Umbaran Support Ships. The majority of these vehicles were ray-shielded which, as a result, proved the vehicles very difficult to destroy. All of these vehicles had electric and plasma weaponry. The ground vehicles could use their large, mechanical feet to crush clones under foot.



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