"Gungans from every city across the swamps stood ear to ear. Otoh Mandassa with Otoh Gunga, Oxon City with Umberbool City."
Boss Rugor Nass, about the Battle of Naboo[src]

Umberbool City was a city in the swamps on the planet Naboo, inhabited by the amphibious Gungan species.[1] In 32 BBY,[3] the Gungans assembled their Grand Army on the Great Grass Plains outside the Human city of Theed to combat the droid army of the Trade Federation, which had invaded Naboo. Umberbool City was one of many settlements that contributed troops to the army, who fought alongside Gungans from many other cities such as Otoh Gunga, Otoh Mandassa and Oxon.[1]

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Umberbool City was mentioned in the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, in the introduction to "The Battle for Theed", the seventh level in the Gungan campaign.[1] The city shares its name with Lake Umberbool, a location in Ryder Windham's children's book, Episode I Adventures 9: Rescue in the Core, published in 2000.[4]

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