"Dulok shaman? Pah! Old fakir! What do you want here?"

Umwak was a Dulok shaman from the Forest Moon of Endor. Serving as the religious leader of the Dulok band ruled by King Gorneesh, he sometimes had dealings with the Dulok oracle Murgoob, and Morag, the Tulgah witch. Umwak had scraggly, green fur; long, droopy ears, and fangs extending from his lower jaw. He had yellow markings on his snout and belly and around his right eye. He wore no clothing, although he did sport jewelry such as an earring, a bone hairpiece, and a bone necklace. Umwak walked with a stooped gait, balancing on his skull-topped wooden staff. Umwak hated the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, and he often hatched intricate schemes against them. He also had a nephew.

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Behind the scenes[]

"Joe [Johnston] killed off their leader, so rather than try to revive him when I did the Ewok development, I created three new Duloks and made them the leaders."
Ewoks associate producer and story editor Paul Dini in 1988[src]

In the first season of Ewoks cartoon, Umwak is voiced by Don Francks. In 1985, Kenner released an Umwak action figure under the name "Dulok Shaman".


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