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"There are new battle droids in production."
"Surely you'll be sending them to our quadrant."
―Dooku lets the under-palatine lie for him[src]

This individual was a Troxan male who served his species and homeworld, Troxar, as the under-palatine for patriotic liaisons and the first diplomatic legatee during the Clone Wars. During that conflict, this Troxan was sent to negotiate with the Galactic Republic, the second round of such talks in which his species had participated. Although the talks produced no results, the under-palatine was presented with a package by Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo, which she asked him to deliver to Count Dooku.[1]

The under-palatine for patriotic liaison later joined a delegation from his planet to visit Count Dooku at Château Malreaux, on the planet Vjun. In a bid to win more support for the world's resistance to the Galactic Republic, the under-palatine and his compatriots tried to convince Dooku that they were planning to surrender to the Republic unless more battle droids arrived in their system. Dooku used a mind trick to convince them to keep fighting, that reinforcements were on their way—but not to surrender. This was part of a bid by Darth Sidious to make Troxar a resource sink for the Republic.[1]

The under-palatine was a rotund Troxan in his middle years of life. He had a protuberant nose and prominent gills on his neck. He was served by an assistant.[1]


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