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"Unfinished Business" is an unfinished episode from the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[1] It premiered in story reel form on April 17, 2015 at Celebration Anaheim,[4] and it was later released online on April 29, 2015.[5][1]

On April 14, 2019, it was revealed at Celebration Chicago that a finalized version of the Bad Batch arc will be part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars revival season.[2]

Official descriptionEdit

"The Republic plans a daring final strike against Wat Tambor and Admiral Trench, once again bringing together Rex, Echo, Anakin Skywalker, and the elite Bad Batch squad.[6]

Plot summaryEdit

War rages on! With ARC trooper Echo
rescued from the Techno Union, the
Republic returns its attention to
the battle for Anaxes, where without
Echo's strategic intel, Admiral
Trench and the Separatists have lost
the upper hand.

But the question remains: can Echo's
newfound ability to access Separatist
computers help the Republic regain
control of their vital shipyards?

At Fort Anaxes, the Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi brief Anakin Skywalker and Rex about their plan to retake Anaxes from the Separatists. The newly-rescued Echo offers to assist the war effort, but Rex cautions his comrade that he is not yet ready. Windu, however, expresses interest in hearing Echo's plan. Echo's plan is to infiltrate the Separatist Admiral Trench's dreadnought above Anaxes and mislead him by feeding the Separatist systems false strategies in order to secure a Republic victory on Anaxes. When Kenobi expresses concerns that the Separatists would have been informed about Echo's loss, the former prisoner assures them that the Techno Union foreman Wat Tambor is a businessman who is unwilling to admit his failures since it would adversely affect his profit margins. Windu consents to the plan.

Skywalker, Rex, Echo, and the Bad Batch depart for their mission aboard the Havoc Marauder. While flying to the Separatist fleet, Wrecker moans about being sent on another "stealth mission." The clones managed to obtain permission to dock with the Separatist dreadnought after Echo transmits a signal cloaking their ship as the Separatist shuttle TC-59. Meanwhile on Anaxes, Republic forces under Masters Windu and Kenobi attack the main Separatist assembly plant with LAAT gunships and BTL-B Y-wing fighter-bombers. While Republic fighters distract the Vulture Droids, the Y-wing's begin bombing the plant. Upon entering the assembly plant, Windu offers the B1 battle droids there the chance to surrender and be reprogrammed. However, the droids reject the offer and attack Windu and his men. Meanwhile, the clones use grappling hooks to descend into the factory. On Trench's dreadnought, a Super tactical droid informs the Admiral that the assembly plant has come under attack. Trench smiles and remarks that he will use the Republic's arrogance and desperation to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Echo along with Tech and Anakin infiltrate the dreadnought's interface unit and put their plan into action. Unaware of the recent events on Skako Minor, Admiral Trench orders his tactical droid to contact Skako Minor for Echo's algorithm. Tech is able to mask Echo's transmission as originating from Skako Minor, fooling Trench. Posing as the algorithm, Echo advises the Admiral to mobilize all troops to the assembly plant, claiming that the Republic would send all their reinforcements there due to their faith in the Jedi. The Separatist plan was to smash all Republic forces with one strike. Admiral Trench gloats and deploys more reinforcements to the assembly plant. Tracker picks up Trench's transmission and informs his comrades. Hunter initially sees this as a bad sign until Echo explains that his plan to send a feedback pulses to shut down all of the Separatist droids. Anakin then informs Windu and Kenobi about Echo's plan, which they attribute to Skywalker.

Believing victory is imminent, Trench deploys all his forces to the assembly plant. Echo then issues the pulse shutting down all of the Separatist droids. Trench is shocked by the algorithm's failure. The tactical droid then informs him that the source of the pulse originated on his dreadnought. Realizing that intruders are aboard his ship, Trench dispatches battle droids to deal with them. Trench then vows to unleash utter annihilation on his Republic foes. Before the clones can leave, Echo receives a transmission that Trench plans to activate a bomb beneath the assembly plant. Echo resolves to stop Trench's plot while Skywalker makes his way through the ship to confront the Admiral himself.

Back on Anaxes, Windu and Kenobi receive word from the clones that Trench has planted a bomb in the plant's fusion generator, and they need help to disarm it. While Kenobi orders an evacuation of all Republic forces from the plant, Windu descends into the fusion generator to find the bomb, only to find it's protected by a ray shield. While Echo transmits the sequence to shut down the bomb, Windu uses the Force to move the dials. Their work is interrupted when Trench traces down the source of the illegal pulse and jams its signal. This has the effect of electrocuting Echo and rendering him unconscious. The clones are then attacked by several B2 super battle droids and Windu orders them to retreat.

Meanwhile, Admiral Trench orders an assault on Anaxes and sends more troops to deal with the clone infiltrators. He attempts to exit the command bridge but is blocked by Anakin, who strikes down his tactical droid and several BX-series droid commandos with his lightsaber. Anakin then demands that Trench reveal the final number in the sequence to disarm the bomb, but the Admiral only taunts him. In response, Skywalker severs his left set of arms and reiterates his demand. Trench complies and Anakin reveals the final number to Windu who is then able to disarm the bomb. Trench attacks Skywalker with his right set of arms but the Jedi kills with his lightsaber. Before exiting the command bridge, Anakin steals the remote detonator as a favor for Wrecker, who enjoys blowing things up.

Elsewhere on the dreadnought, the clones fight back against countless battle droids. Wrecker charges at the droids and manages to rip several to pieces. Meanwhile, Crosshair plants several detonators on the ship's corridor and a battle droid. Having accomplished their mission, the clones escape with Skywalker on the Marauder. After they depart, Wrecker uses the remote detonator to blow up Trench's dreadnought and several surrounding warships.

Following the battle, Windu, Kenobi, and Skywalker preside over an awards ceremony where awards are handed to Rex, Echo, and the Bad Batch. Due to their victory on Anaxes, the planet's shipyards were able to continue producing warships for the Republic war effort. Several astromech droids and Commander Cody also attend the ceremony.


A complete and finished version of the episode will air as part of The Clone Wars revival on Disney+.[7]



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