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"To all of our Alderaanian sisters and brothers, this is the captain of the Espirion Multi, saying… stay back. We've got this."
―The captain of the Espirion Multi tells the Alderaanian fleet to let the her ship handle the Star Destroyer[1]

A female Alder-Espirion hybrid from the planet Espirion served as the captain of the starship Espirion Multi during the war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.[1] In the year 0 ABY,[2] a fleet of Alderaanian vessels came under attack from an[1] Imperial-class Star Destroyer[3] in orbit of the captain's homeworld. The Alder-Espirion hybrid Beon Beonel had the captain fly out to aid the fleet after hearing a speech by Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan broadcast from her shuttle Lord Junn.[1]

The captain warned the smaller Alderaanian vessels to leave the battle to them, before the Espirion Multi opened fire on the Star Destroyer and destroyed it. Following the battle, she attended a celebration of the victory with the Alderaanians. She had red and black skin, white hair, and green eyes. She wore gray and tan robes, in a style that matched the clothing of Beonel.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The captain first appeared, albeit unnamed, in the comic book Princess Leia 5, which was written by Mark Waid, illustrated by Terry Dodson[1] and released on July 1, 2015.[4]


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