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"Great—a battle droid with a sense of humor."
―Aayla Secura[src]

An unusually sarcastic B1 battle droid was part of a Confederacy of Independent Systems force based on the Forest Moon of Endor in 19 BBY. Part of the Separatist Droid Army, the droid was dispatched along with many of its comrades to establish an outpost in the Endor system late in the Clone Wars. Republic clone troopers soon arrived on Endor to investigate, but both the Republic and Confederate forces were attacked by a native beast, with the sarcastic droid being the only survivor. It fled into the forest, but before long another group of Republic troops had arrived. The B1 tried to ambush the group's leader, Jedi Knight Aayla Secura, but was totally dismembered by the Jedi's lightsaber before both of them were captured by native Ewoks.

The Ewoks tasked Secura with defeating the beast, and she took the B1 with her to its lair, strapping the droid to her back. Secura eventually reached the creature's den, and she and the droid were set upon by the creature. The B1 was almost destroyed by the creature, but Secura was able to save it; however, moments later, she was not able to repeat the feat, and the B1 was crushed. Secura eventually defeated the beast, while the droid's cranium was recovered by the Ewoks, and its part in the beast's defeat was recorded in Ewok art.


Attack on EndorEdit

"What happened here, droid!?"
"Uh…I can explain!"
―Aayla Secura and the B1[src]

The B1 confers with Aayla Secura

A B1 battle droid served the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. Unlike most B1s, whose thinking was done via a Central Control Computer, it had a distinctly sarcastic, mouthy personality. The droid had a particular dislike for Jedi, who fought on the other side of the Clone Wars, with the Galactic Republic.[1]

In 19 BBY, late in the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems began to establish small outposts throughout various remote star systems. The sarcastic B1 and a garrison of other battle droids were dispatched to the Endor system, and established an outpost on the Forest Moon of Endor,[1] home to a number of species.[3] A Republic scout patrol, consisting of clone troopers, soon arrived on the moon to investigate. During a firefight between the clones and the droids, a giant beast, known to natives as the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain, arrived. Blasters were of no use against the beast, and it destroyed all the droids, except the sarcastic B1. It also dragged the clones to its lair, leaving their empty shells of armor behind at the battle site. The surviving droid fled into the woods, and waited.[1]

Amputations, and captureEdit

"I thought you said they wanted to eat me."
"Wishful thinking."
―Aayla Secura and the B1[src]

Before long, another group of clones had arrived, this time led by a Jedi Knight, Aayla Secura. Upon finding the droid remains and clone armor, the new arrivals spread out through the jungle, searching for survivors. In hiding, the B1 spotted Secura, and covertly pursued her for a time, hoping to ambush the Twi'lek Jedi. As the droid prepared to pull the trigger on its E-5 blaster rifle, however, she noticed it through the Force, and drew her lightsaber. In the blink of an eye, Secura pounced, severing all four of the droid's limbs. She then pointed her lightsaber toward it, demanding to know what had happened to the Republic troops. Before the droid could properly reply, Secura was knocked unconscious by the dart of an Ewok warrior, one of Endor's natives. Secura and the dismembered droid were taken by a group of Ewoks to their village, high in Endor's trees.[1]

Secura eventually came to, and the Ewoks began to speak their language to her. The B1 was moderately proficient in Ewokese; the Ewoks believed that Secura was a forest spirit, and that, because they captured her, she must help them defeat the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain. The droid, however, was in no mood to assist Secura, and refused to properly translate, telling her instead that the Ewoks wished to eat her. Eventually, after greatly irritating Secura, the droid divulged its information. To the B1's horror, however, Secura decided to take it with her on her quest, strapping its limbless body to her back, because she suspected it knew more about what had happened to her clone troopers.[1]


"Do you have any Jedi skills whatsoever?"
―The B1, to Aayla Secura[src]

The B1 with Secura and the Ewoks

The Ewoks led Secura to the mountain where the beast dwelled, and, once again to the droid's immense frustration, she opted to carry it with her up the mountain toward the cave where the creature lived. Eventually, they reached the summit, the droid mocking Secura for the time it had taken her, and questioning her abilities with the Force. The two entered the cave, which was pitch black, but Secura stumbled and fell down a shaft, leading to the beast's lair, which was full of skeletons, carcasses, and clone trooper armor.[1]

The B1 was released from its position on Secura's back after the fall. It lay on its back and watched in horror as the creature returned to its home, intent on devouring the B1 and Secura. A long leg shot out toward Secura and the droid, almost crushing the B1, but at the last moment Secura was able to drag it out of the leg's path and to safety. The droid was mid-sentence into thanking the Jedi when another of the beast's feet clamped down, this one firmly connecting with the droid, crushing it; the droid's head was severed, its body damaged further. Ultimately, Secura was able to defeat the beast, taking one final look at the droid before departing. The Ewoks recovered the B1's head, tying it to a stick and leaving it in their village; Secura's exploits, with the droid on her back, were also recorded in Ewok art.[1]


"I always hated Jedi…"
―The B1[src]

Manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata,[2] this B1 droid had tan plating and black photoreceptors.[1] Like all B1 battle droids, this droid stood at a height of 1.91 meters.[2]

This B1 was unusually sarcastic for a droid, and looked upon much of what it encountered during its time on Endor with scorn and contempt. It hated Jedi, and frequently insulted Aayla Secura on Endor for her perceived lack of Jedi abilities, when she was slow to accomplish a task or was hit by something unexpected. It was uncooperative with Secura, not telling her the Ewoks' plans, because she had told the droid to be silent. The B1 had little regard for the lives of others; it hoped that the Ewoks would eat or harm Secura, and thought little of clone troopers, not understanding Secura's desire to do all she could to rescue them. When it and Secura fell into the beast's lair and noticed the surrounding corpses and clone trooper armor, the droid again displayed its lack of care for others.[1]

The droid also wanted strongly to survive. When it learned that Secura would be taking it with her on her journey to the beast, it was frightened, and once they reached the lair, it desperately wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Despite its hatred of the Jedi, when Secura saved the droid from being destroyed, it was very thankful.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This character, who had never been identified by name, appeared in What Goes Up..., a short comic collected in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5 and written and illustrated by the Fillbach Brothers.[1]


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