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This droid commando was stationed inside the Citadel. It was present when Jedi Master Even Piell was captured and brought to the Citadel.


When an elite team led by Jedi Generals, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker infiltrated the Citadel and entered the landing platform after rescuing Piell and his men, this droid commando along with other commandos armed with E-5 blaster rifles and shields ran outside to confront the rescue team. However, when a thermal detonator thrown by ARC trooper Echo landed near them, It destroyed all of the droid's comrades. The droid commando, however survived and throwing his shield aside and mounted a nearby turret in a bid to destroy the rescue team's only mode of transportation, their ship. Before he could do so however the droid came under fire by Skywalker and Piell who had mounted a STAP. The droid was forced to fire at them first and succeeded in destroying the STAP but not Skywalker and Piell who had survived the assault. He then continued his previous attempt to destroy the ship which was then being protected by Echo wielding one of their personal energy shields. However, Echo failed to defend the ship and the droid succeeded in destroying it, killing Echo in the process. Ironically, by terminating the ship, the droid also destroyed himself when a piece of debris crushed the turret he was in resulting a huge explosion.


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