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This article is about the droid commando captain who led the attack on Rishi Station. You may be looking for a droid commando captain stationed at the Citadel.

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"The outpost is secure, General. We've shut down the alarm and turned on the "All Clear" signal."
―The commando droid captain, to General Grievous — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

A droid commando captain led a team of other BX-series droid commandos in the battle of the Rishi moon. Unlike his other commandos, the captain carried a vibrosword and bore a white symbol on his forehead.


"No sign of them. They must have been pulverized. Resume defensive posts."
―The captain, on the status of Cody and Rex — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

The commando droid captain at the ready

After landing in Droch-class boarding ships on Rishi moon, the droid killed Droidbait. As he entered the listening post, he shot and killed clone trooper Sergeant O'Niner, and another clone, CT-327.The remaining four clones CT-27-5555, CT-21-0408, CT-782 and CT-4040 escaped through the ventilation system, one of the commando droids reported of the missing clones but the captain thought that they were inferior. Taking control of the base, he replaced the alarm with an "All Clear" signal. Afterward, he contacted General Grievous, who told him to continue the transmission of the signal. When Commander Cody and Captain Rex arrived, the lead commando and his team ambushed and destroyed their means of transportation. When the unit of clones took back the station, he engaged Rex with his vibrosword. However, the clone captain gained the upper hand, snapping the droid's neck and ramming his head into the ground.



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