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A Barabel was a male prisoner and trustee guard in the Imperial Correctional Facility on the planet Kessel, sometime during the Galactic Civil War. He only had one eye and was known to be very brutal to the prisoners.

During one particular mealtime, the Barabel chose to make a disciplinary example of Sullustan prisoner, who was under the protection of another prisoner, the Wookiee Gyylghrard. A fight ensued between the guard and the Wookiee, which ended with the guard being sent to the infirmary due to his injuries. The Barabel plotted revenge on Gyylghrard but it is not known whether his plans had anything to do with Moruth Doole's—the most powerful trustee in the mines—punishment of Gyylghrard, which saw the Wookiee attacked by more than five assailants, then sent to solitary confinement without any treatment to his injuries.

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