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"Marine equipment will have to be augmented as well, unless I miss my guess, for this moon has nearly three times the open water of that dismal swamp, Betshish. I rejoice now that they found sentience on landing and removed that world from our title. It would have been a pox on our legacy."
―Lile Gorsek discusses Yavin 4[src]

The swamp-planet Betshish was home to a sentient species.[1] Their homeworld, which was located on the Pinooran Spur hyperlane of the Gordian Reach sector, between the Mogoshyn and Kli'aar systems, was scouted by colonists from Setor looking for possible sites for a colony. The species went unnoticed during the initial survey of the planet, but were discovered upon the first major landing on the planet's surface. Their sentience rendered void the Colony's title to the planet, a fact later celebrated by the scout Lile Gorsek, who found the swamp-planet dismal and so was relieved not to have any ongoing connection with it.[3] The species had developed to a pre-industrial technology by the time of the Galactic Empire. The Empire interdicted their homeworld, but never actually exploited the species.[2]

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Jonatha Caspian created this species in 1989 for West End Games's Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin.[1] They received a second mention in the sourcebook's second edition in 1995,[3] before being given a minor expansion by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace in 2009's The Essential Atlas.[2]

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