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"Looks like a good harvest!"
―Mungo Boabab[src]

The planet Biitu was home to a species of crop-producing plant. Nestled among green leaves, the plant grew a cylindrical crop, yellow in color. The native Biituians cultivated these plants in large fields and harvested their crops. The annexation of Biitu by the Galactic Empire, and the subsequent installation of a moisture eater to remove moisture from the atmosphere, killed off many of these plants. However, an intrepid group of individuals defeated the Imperial forces and destroyed the moisture eater, providing conditions for the crop plant to grow again.

Biology and appearance[]

This plant had a green stalk and green leaves that had folds running down their center. Out of the top of these plants grew a cylindrical, yellow crop, occasionally blighted by darker spots. By the time these crops were ready to harvest, the plant was about knee-high on a Biituian, the native sentient species of Biitu.[1]


"Yes, Artoo. The crops look like they've completely dried up."
―C-3PO comments on the effect of the moisture eater on Biituian trees.[src]

This plant species was found on Biitu,[1] an agriworld in the Cassander sector.[2] The native Biituians cultivated this plant in rows forming large fields and harvested its crops in baskets. However, when the Galactic Empire established a fuel ore processing plant on the planet, these crops died off as an Imperial moisture eater drained all moisture from the atmosphere and caused a drought.[1] Resistance from the Biituian Fidge and his pet Chubb, the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, and the merchant Mungo Baobab eventually led to the destruction of the moisture eater and the defeat of the Imperial forces. The Biituians then used captured Imperials to restore their crop fields.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

This crop plant was created for The Great Heep, a 1986 TV special based on Star Wars: Droids that was written by Ben Burtt.


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