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"Looks like a good harvest!"
―Mungo Boabab[src]

The planet Biitu was home to a species of fruit tree. Amidst their verdant, green foliage, these trees produced an orange-colored fruit, which was harvested by the native Biituians. They ate the fruit raw, as did a native burrowing reptile. These trees were threatened by the annexation of Biitu by the Galactic Empire, who installed a moisture eater to remove moisture from the atmosphere. While suffering in the ensuing drought, the trees recovered when an intrepid group of individuals defeated the Imperial forces.

Biology and appearance[]

This species of tree had a light-colored bark and green foliage, and could grow up to several times the height of a Human. The tree produced an orange-colored fruit, with a lighter-colored flesh, which could be eaten raw by both the sentient Biituians and the native reptiles.[1]


"Yes, R2. The crops look like they've completely dried up."
―C-3PO comments on the effect of the moisture eater on Biituian trees[src]

This species of tree grew on Biitu,[1] an agriworld in the Cassander sector.[2] There, the native Biituians cultivated it in vast orchards, harvesting its fruit in large baskets. However, when the Galactic Empire claimed Biitu for its valuable fuel ore, several of these trees were stripped of foliage and uprooted by the fierce winds produced by a low fly-over of an Imperial craft. These orchards later became barren as an Imperial "moisture eater" drained all moisture from the atmosphere and caused a drought.[1] However, resistance from the Biituian Fidge and his pet Chubb, the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, and the merchant Mungo Baobab led to the destruction of the moisture eater and defeat of the Imperial forces. The return of moisture allowed the fruit trees to grow again, and the Biituians utilized captured Imperials to restore the crops.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

These fruit trees were created for The Great Heep, a 1986 TV special based on Star Wars: Droids that was written by Ben Burtt.


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