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An opera company consisting of members of the Bith species toured across the galaxy[1] with the popular[2] Corellian opera The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths,[1] beginning in 52 BBY. Twenty years later, in 32 BBY,[3] the company performed the opera for its long-awaited return to the planet Coruscant, occupying the Coruscant Opera.[1]

The performance was attended by Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, whose parents had underwritten The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths, which raised the price of tickets. The company's packed performance was attended by many luminaries and other prominent senators, including Orn Free Taa, Toonbuck Toora, Passel Argente, Edcel Bar Gane, Palpatine, as well as the senatorial aides Sei Taria, Kinman Doriana, Sate Pestage, and Taa's Lethan Twi'lek consort.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Bith opera company was first mentioned in Cloak of Deception, a 2001 novel by James Luceno.[1]



Notes and references[]

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