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"I think he's got a problem with his gearbox. It's just gone fifty meters into the air."
Niner after blowing up the Bothan's repulsortruck[src]

This Bothan was a male thief on the planet Coruscant.

In 19 BBY, the Bothan, along with his Human companions Forrie and Kimm, was trying to steal freighters on a freighter park located on Quadrant G-80. Kimm and Forrie boarded the freighter Cornucopia in an attempt to steal it, not knowing that six Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos were aboard along with an Imperial commando and the freighter's pilot. Both Kimm and Forrie were instantly killed by the commando Niner and Null ARC Ordo Skirata. When the Bothan, who was serving as the lookout for the group, lost his comlink connection with the two, he began to worry and left in their escape vehicle. He died when Niner blew his repulsortruck with a grenade launcher.


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