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In 22 BBY, a Chadra-Fan was one of several bounty hunters whom Urdruua the Hutt hired to find and kill a Jedi. The Chadra-Fan joined the hunt on the moon Nar Shaddaa, where the hunters learned that their target was the former Jedi-turned-bounty hunter Aurra Sing. After Urdruua attempted to kill Sing himself and failed, the Chadra-Fan and several Nikto bounty hunters cornered her in the streets and attempted to apprehend her. However, Sing defeated the bounty hunters and escaped.


Aurra Sing disarmed the Chadra-Fan bounty hunter with her cape.

A Chadra-Fan bounty hunter operated[1] in the year 22 BBY,[2] three months after the breakout of the Clone Wars on the Outer Rim planet of Geonosis. During that time, the Hutt crime lord Urdruua, who worked out of the moon Nar Shaddaa, began hiring bounty hunters to kill a Jedi for him, and the Chadra-Fan was one of many bounty hunters who answered the call.[1]

The bounty also attracted the former Jedi and bounty hunter Aurra Sing, who had run afoul of Urdruua sometime prior. Urdruua's scheme was, in fact, a trap for Sing. The Hutt planned to kill Sing with noxious gas inside his throne room located in his palace. Realizing it probably would not work, he additionally positioned the Chadra-Fan and a number of Nikto bounty hunters out where the gas pipes led into the streets to wait for her, believing that the pipes would be Sing's escape route.[1]

When Sing arrived, she and the Hutt conversed briefly before he attempted to kill her. As he had expected, she escaped through the very pipes that were spilling noxious fumes into the Hutt's chamber. The Chadra-Fan and at least one of the Nikto had since donned cloaks to blend in with the street crowds when Sing finally surfaced out of the pipe system. As Sing recovered from the gases, the Chadra-Fan held her at gunpoint. Sing moved fast, using her cape to block the the blast from the Chadra-Fan's flechette launcher before wrapping the furry alien in her cape. As the Nikto bounty hunters advanced, Sing used the Chadra-Fan as a projectile against the Nikto, knocking them all unconscious. Sing escaped further bounty hunters and eventually killed Urdruua and his aide with a bomb she had planted in his throne room.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The Chadra-Fan and the other bounty hunters took on the job of killing a Jedi, believing they could successfully do so. As it turned out, Aurra Sing was more than a handful, and the Chadra-Fan and the others were defeated by the former Jedi. The Chadra-Fan had black eyes, was covered in brown fur, and had pink skin.[1]


The Chadra-Fan carried a flechette launcher for the encounter with Aurra Sing. The weapon was capable of blasting a hail of small projectiles at once, though the projectiles were weak enough to be stopped by nothing more than a thick cape. The Chadra-Fan wore orange clothing during the encounter with Sing and also used a cape to blend in with the street crowd.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Chadra-Fan was created for the short story Old Scores, which was one of four stories compiled into the eighth volume of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures trade paperback series, published on June 20, 2007. Old Scores was written by Chris Avellone, illustrated by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach, and colored by Pamela Rambo. Throughout the story, the Chadra-Fan's gender was never revealed.[1]



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