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"I'll report you. Jedi or not, you're answerable to the law. The authorities will hear about this!"
"Welcome to Pijal! Until our princess grows up, we're ruled by a regent. Meet our lord regent."
―A Chagrian patron and Selbie, about Rael Averross — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

A Chagrian male patron visited a cantina in the capital city of the Inner Rim planet Pijal[1] in 40 BBY.[2] While in the cantina, he became intoxicated and tried to garner the attention of the cantina's hostess Selbie, in an attempt to spend time with her. Upon the arrival of Pijal's Jedi Lord Regent Rael Averross at the establishment, Selbie pulled away from the Chagrian to attend to the newcomer.[1]

The patron continued to vie for the hostess's company, starting an argument with Averross over the Jedi's scruffy appearance and insisting that he would treat Selbie better than Averross would. However, after Averross brandished his lightsaber, the Chagrian threatened to report the Jedi to authorities for intimidating him. Selbie gleefully informed the patron that Averross was the ruling regent of the planet until the Pijali Princess Fanry came of age, which caused the drunk individual to leave in embarrassment. The Chagrian possessed a massive figure, horns, and gray-blue skin.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Chagrian patron appeared in Master & Apprentice, a 2019 novel by Claudia Gray.[1]


Notes and references[]

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