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A Mandalorian male was a member of Clan Jendri and a Basilisk war droid pilot. In 3954 BBY, along with the remaining Mandalorian clans that had survived the Mandalorian Wars with the Galactic Republic, he joined his own clan in the search for the ancient ceremonial war mask known as Mandalore's Mask on the planet Rekkiad. During the search, Clan Ordo invaded Jendri's territory one night, and in retaliation the pilot and his clan attacked Clan Ordo's campsite. During the battle, his Basilisk was damaged by the Jedi Master Revan, and he was killed by the Jedi.


A male individual was part of the Mandalorian Clan Jendri and a Basilisk war droid pilot.[2] In 3954 BBY,[1] the remaining Mandalorian clans that had survived the Mandalorian Wars with the Galactic Republic journeyed to the planet Rekkiad to search for the ancient ceremonial war mask, Mandalore's Mask—whoever found the mask first however would become the new Mandalore, the leader of the Mandalorians. Early one morning, he and three pilots razed the campsite of Clan Ordo in retaliation of Ordo's invasion of their territory, as each clan chose its own territory in which to search for Mandalore's Mask. He and the other Basilisk pilots concentrated their assault from above, while Jendri soldiers attacked by ground near Ordo's Basilisks in an attempt to keep the enemy pilots from reaching their deadly semi-sentient machines. The Jedi Master Revan, who had accompanied Canderous Ordo, a Mandalorian mercenary, to help Ordo's clan in the search, realized their strategy and attacked the Basilisk pilot and his allies in order to distract their attention from Clan Ordo's Basilisks.[2]

The Jedi Master Revan killed the pilot during the skirmish.

The Jedi Master charged the pilot and leaped high in the air using his lightsaber to slice through one of the stabilizing fins, damaging the tail. The pilot tried to pull his Basilisk in a steep climb, but the damage dealt caused the machine to veer wildly out of control. After the malfunction, Revan leaped onto the back of the droid and the pilot tried to repel his unwelcome passenger, but the Jedi Master easily evaded his reach and slid his lightsaber through the back seat, impaling the pilot through the torso and killing him.[2]

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The Clan Jendri pilot first appeared in Drew Karpyshyn's 2011 novel The Old Republic: Revan.[2]


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