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"This is terrible, Captain! Noggox will be livid!"
"Relax, Lieutenant. We weren't carrying anything illegal, the freighter was insured--and Noggox told me exactly what to do if we were raided by pirates. Transmit an emergency distress signal to Coruscant!"
―A Lieutenant to the captain[src]

A Consular-class cruiser was owned by Noggox the Hutt during the Clone Wars. It was captured by the pirate Dool Pundar in 22 BBY.


A Consular-class cruiser was used as a freighter by Noggox the Hutt during the Clone Warss. It was painted silver, featured deflector shields. It had at least one escape pod. A Hologram emitter was on the bridge.[2] Like other ships of its class, it was 115 meters and had three engine units.[1]


In 22 BBY,[3] the freighter was carrying droid brains to the Fondor Shipyards. The captain was a Klatooinian man, and other crew included a Snivvian lieutenant, a Rodian, another alien, and a Human. The freighter was intercepted near Shipwrights' Trace by Dool Pundar's pirate ship, which disabled the two of the freighter's thrusters and the primary shield generator. Pundar ordered the crew to surrender and sent B1 battle droids to take control of the vessel. Pundar then allowed the crew to leave in an escape pod. After Pundar absconded with their vessel, the crew transmitted a distress signal to the planet Coruscant, home of the Galactic Republic. At the time of its capture, the ship was insured.[2]

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The freighter appears in 2011's The Clone Wars: Strange Allies, a comic tie-in to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Secret Missions young readers series.


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