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"Gonna eat you!"
―Unidentified Coruscani ogre, to Jacen and Jaina Solo[src]

An ogre was a Coruscani ogre who lived in a cave dwelling on the lowest level of Coruscant. It kept an armored rat as a pet and used traps made from metal claws to trap such creatures as spider-roachs. On one occasion, it caught the children Jacen Solo and Jaina Solo in one such trap, after they became lost in the undercity. He attached some chains to the cage and dragged in into his den. After feeding his armored rat with a recently caught spider-roach, he turned his attention to the two twins, who he planned to eat. However, they used the Force to open the cage, and ran away. The ogre was furious and set his armored rat free, which then chased after them. However, it was unsuccessful in catching them.

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