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"As you wish, my eager apprentices. We shall remove this thorn from Malak's side, once, and for all."
―Sith Master[src]

This individual was a Dark Jedi serving the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. He was in charge of the Sith Embassy on the planet Manaan, and was also responsible for the dark side education of several young Selkath.

When Darth Malak took the Sith Empire from Revan, the Master swore his allegiance to the new Dark Lord. A year later, when the amnesic Revan and his allies perpetrated the Sith Embassy, this Dark Jedi Master allowed two of his Selkath apprentices to attack them. The Master recognized Revan and battled the amnesiac and his allies but was ultimately struck down due to his overconfidence.

A datapad recording the Dark Jedi Master's dealings was shown to the Selkath, convincing them to reconsider whom they were dealing with.


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