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"Lieutenant Tohm, seal the cell. I'm going to be here for hours."
"No! Wait—"
―Trachta and the dark Padawan[src]

A male Padawan served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the start of the Clone Wars. Like other Jedi during the war, he fell to the dark side of the Force, betraying the Order and joining Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems.


A Force-sensitive male was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, attaining the rank of Padawan by the time of the Clone Wars. Taking up the rank of Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, he fell to the dark side of the Force and joined Count Dooku's group of Dark Acolytes. Soon, he began fighting for the Confederacy of Independent Systems against the Jedi and the Republic. On the planet Noctralis, the former Padawan was attacked by Trachta, an agent of the Republic who had been tasked with tracking down Jedi defectors. Trachta and several clone troopers surrounded the Padawan, but he armed a thermal detonator and used the Force to throw it at Trachta and his men. The clones were incinerated, as were Trachta's arms and eyes. While the Padawan's pursuers were either dead or wounded, he still ended up incarcerated within the clandestine Jedi prison known as The Prism.[1]

Trachta Clone Wars

Trachta and his troopers hunting the Padawan.

When the Galactic Empire rose from the ashes of the Republic at the end of the war and the Jedi Order disbanded, the secret prison remained ignorant to the fact that the Republic was no more. During the Empire's first year, a military coup instigated by General Gentis on Coruscant forced Darth Vader, Trachta and Lieutenant Laurita Tohm to bring Emperor Palpatine to seek a safe haven where the Emperor could recuperate. Vader brought the group to the Prism, the only location he believed would be safe from traitors within the Empire borders. After killing the Prism's Jedi warden, Tohm began to review the files detailing the facility's prisoners. Trachta discovered that the fallen Padawan who had caused his grievous injuries was still imprisoned there. Trachta and Tohm found the fallen Jedi's cell within the prison and opened it up, confusing the Padawan. He believed that he was going to be served a meal, and recoiled in horror when he saw who entered his cell. Trachta told Tohm to seal the cell behind him, as he would not be leaving for many hours. He then began to savagely beat the Jedi with his cybernetic fists, exacting bloody revenge, while the Padawan begged for him to stop.[1]


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