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«Are you sure this will work?»
«Of course! Let's make like tree goats!
―The O-marked Dulok and his X-marked companion don a disguise to sneak up on the Ewok Latara[src]

A male member of a Dulok tribe who inhabited the Dulok Swamp on the Forest Moon of Endor was distinguished from the other swamp dwellers by a yellow O on his green-furred torso. He served as a scout and soldier during the tribe's war with the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village. In 3 ABY, the Dulok undertook several missions for the tribe's king, Gorneesh, who often paired him with another Dulok marked with an X symbol. Over the course of that year, the O-marked Dulok helped steal the Ewoks' shadowroot soap, kidnapped the Ewok Latara to babysit the three rambunctious children of Queen Urgah, rode aboard a stolen Ewok battle wagon in an assault on sacred Ewok trees, and joined a hunting party to gather trophies for Gorneesh. In each of these cases, the Ewoks and their allies foiled the Duloks' plans.


Scouting for soap[]

«I hate this hot sun!!»
«And these wretched flies. Hurry up, shaman!
―The Duloks with O and X on their torsos berate Umwak, telling him to finish foraging[src]

A male Dulok belonged to a tribe of Duloks who inhabited the Dulok Swamp on the Forest Moon of Endor. Distinguished from his peers by the yellow O on his chest, the Dulok had become one of two personal bodyguards for the tribe's king, Gorneesh,[3] by 3 ABY.[4] During the summer of that year, the O-marked Dulok was being plagued by insect pests and hot weather along with the rest of the tribe. He thus carried a shovel and joined another Dulok—marked with a yellow X—and the tribe's shaman, Umwak, on an expedition to gather ingredients for a bug bite cure. Their search was interrupted when they discovered a group of Ewoks from Bright Tree Village swimming in the nearby river. The shaman recognized the Ewoks using a type of soap formulated to keep insects away, and the O-marked Dulok and his fellow guard decided to steal it. However, their plan was thwarted when they realized they were standing on a river creature, not a spit of land as they had thought. The trio fled in fear.[1]

The Dulok marked by the O symbol and his companions returned to the Dulok Swamp, where Gorneesh chided the shaman for his failure to steal the soap. As the shaman saved face by lying about surviving an overwhelming Ewok assault, the two Dulok guards failed to stifle their reactions of disbelief but otherwise remained silent. Gorneesh then rallied the Duloks to take the Ewok soap by subterfuge. In the ensuing tit-for-tat with the Ewoks, the Duloks stole the wrong bar—shadowroot soap, used to turn things invisible. Upon discovering its properties, Gorneesh ordered them to bathe with it and then to impersonate ghosts at the Ewok village. Nevertheless, the plot was foiled when the Ewoks' chief, Chirpa, sneaked into the Dulok Swamp with some companions and replaced the shadowroot soap with a bar that attracted insects instead.[1]

Lassoing Latara[]

«Well, well. What have we here? An Ewok babysitter. Follow me… and make it sneaky!»
―The X-marked Dulok orders his O-marked counterpart to close in on the Ewok Latara[src]

The Dulok marked by O joined another Dulok in impersonating blasé tree goats.

The Dulok returned to his duties as one of Gorneesh's guards. In this capacity, he and his X-marked counterpart received another assignment: find a babysitter for Gorneesh's wife, Queen Urgah, who was fed up with the antics of her trio of churlish children. The pair sneaked into the forest surrounding Bright Tree Village and spotted the Ewok Latara taking care of the woklings Nippet and Wiley. The Dulok marked with X ordered his partner to exercise stealth and approach the Ewoks; accordingly, the O-marked Dulok wore foliage on his head as camouflage. However, the sudden appearance of enormous creatures known as awors stymied their plans. The Duloks fled into a nearby hollow, only to come under attack by the ferocious, green-eyed creature that lived there; the pair fled.[3]

The partners were in the area again the next day, when they saw the same female Ewok leave her village in the company of the awors' owners, a troupe of itinerant entertainers called the Travelling Jindas. At the X-marked Dulok's suggestion, the Dulok guards followed the caravan and looked for an opening to swipe the Ewok. Their first attempt involved taking to the trees and dropping onto the awor that carried the tent of the Jindas' leader, Bondo, and his Ewok guest. Nevertheless, when the beast crossed a suspension bridge, the swaying motion caused the pair to lose their footing and fall into the river below. That night, they had another chance. When the Jindas stopped to perform for a herd of blasé tree goats, the X-marked guard suggested they dress up as those creatures by donning horns. Thus disguised, they climbed into the trees and hung from the branches. They waited through the Jindas' performance until Latara mounted the stage to play the role of assistant to Trebla the magician. The pair slunk down a tree branch toward the stage as the Ewok was hoisted into the rafters as part of Trebla's levitation illusion. However, the Duloks' wait caused the branch to sag and brought the Duloks to the Ewok's attention. When a goat chomped through the vine supporting the Ewok, she latched onto the Duloks' branch to avoid falling. The added weight lowered the branch safely to the ground, where the Ewok dismounted—sending the Duloks catapulting through the air and into a tent housing a purple-skinned beast.[3]

Undeterred, the O-marked Dulok and his X-marked companion found Latara crying and homesick in the forest the next day. They took her by surprise and tied her up with a vine for the trek back to the Dulok Swamp, where they awaited their reward from the king. Although Latara was forced to babysit the royal couple's children, all the Duloks' trouble was soon to be for naught: the Travelling Jindas arrived to perform for Gorneesh's tribe, secretly smuggling in Latara's Ewok friends Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Paploo, Teebo, and Wicket W. Warrick; the Ewok interlopers then rescued the wayward Ewok.[3]

Warring with woklings[]

The O-marked Dulok attacks Malani and Wicket W. Warrick.

«Get them!»
―Gorneesh orders the O-marked Dulok to stop Malani and Wicket W. Warrick aboard the Ewok battle wagon[src]

When Gorneesh's Duloks stole a battle wagon from Wicket W. Warrick, the king put a plan into motion to destroy Bright Tree Village's Soul Trees, objects of such religious value to the Ewoks that harm to them would dampen the Ewoks' resolve to live. Despite shaky first attempts to use the siege weapon, Gorneesh and his underlings learned to steer the device. The king gathered his warriors aboard the weapon, including the Dulok marked with an O, and he launched his assault.[5]

The Duloks first attacked a group of Ewok juveniles having a picnic, but the targets escaped to warn their village. When the O-marked Dulok and his comrades reached the Ewok settlement, they found the Ewoks' leader, Chief Chirpa, waiting for them with a contingent of warriors. Nevertheless, the Duloks used the weapon to barrel through the Ewoks' fortifications. A young Ewok named Malani climbed aboard the wagon, and Warrick, being held aboard the device as a hostage, escaped; thus, Gorneesh ordered his warriors to stop the Ewok stowaways. The O-marked Dulok engaged the enemies, club in hand, when they climbed a ladder to the wagon's upper deck. The Dulok warrior misjudged his velocity, however, and tumbled from the stolen war machine. Malani and Warrick won the day when they pulled the battle wagon's master support peg and caused the device to fall apart before it could reach the Soul Trees.[5]

Hunting horrors[]

«The Red Ghost? No! Not the Red Ghost!»
―The O-marked Dulok shrinks in fear at the mention of a Dulok legend[src]

The O-branded Dulok tried to snare a maramu with the help of his fellows.

Later that year,[4] the O-branded Dulok joined a hunting party led by his X-marked counterpart. As they pursued a maramu up a steep precipice, the O-marked Dulok readied his spear. However, the X-marked Dulok lost his balance and tumbled into the rest of the party—save for the O-marked Dulok, who avoided the pileup. Nevertheless, he soon lost his footing and joined his tribemates below. As they clambered back up to striking distance, the O-marked Dulok helped prepare to launch a net at their quarry. However, an unseen attacker snagged him with a lasso, hoisted him into the air, and dropped him onto his companions. The Duloks fled, fearful for further reprisals from the mysterious "Red Ghost"—actually a feral Ewok named Asha.[6]

Undeterred, Gorneesh led another hunting expedition, of which the O-marked Dulok was a member. The group trapped small animals in cages, and the O-marked Dulok helped hold a maramu mother with ropes so that the Dulok king could take her horns as trophies. However, the Red Ghost emerged from the brush, freed the maramu, and then released the other creatures. The king ordered an attack, and the O-marked Dulok and his fellows roped the Ewok with lassos. Nevertheless, the O-branded Dulok soon found himself flattened when the Red Ghost used the X-marked Dulok's rope to fling him into the other members of the group. The O-marked Dulok got a flight of his own as the Ewok spun him and the others in circles only to release them into the snow. Gorneesh ordered another attack, but the Ewok sidestepped it, sending the O-marked Dulok and his confreres into a collision with one another. The Ewok's coup de grâce came when she swung down from a tree and barreled over the O-marked Dulok and his fellows. Before long, Gorneesh and his shaman, Umwak, conceded defeat, and Asha had them swear never to hunt again. The Dulok leaders ran in fear, colliding with the O-marked Dulok and the others and then sliding off a cliff and into a body of water.[6] The Ewok Wicket W. Warrick later remembered his encounters with the Duloks on his battle wagon and in the snowy forest as two of the fondest memories of his childhood.[7]

Around 4 ABY,[8] the Dulok village[9] was invaded by beings from beyond Endor: the forces of the Galactic Empire, who found the village a suitable spot to construct a shield generator bunker that would protect the Death Star II battlestation orbiting the moon. With their off-world weaponry, they destroyed much of the village and roused a creature called the Griagh from its underground home. The Imperial forces enslaved many of the village residents, but the captives were freed later in an attack on the Imperials led by a group of Ewoks from Bright Tree Village. Several Duloks died when the Griagh emerged and wreaked havoc in the same encounter. Once the fighting ended, the O-marked Dulok's tribe was left in disarray.[10]

Personality and traits[]

The O-marked Dulok often carried out tasks for King Gorneesh.

«You're the meanest!»
«That's nasty!
―The Duloks with X and O on their chests react to Gorneesh's plan to kidnap an Ewok babysitter[src]

The Dulok marked by an O symbol delighted in the misfortune of others. When he and his companions captured the Ewok Latara[3] in 3 ABY,[4] he snickered with glee.[3] When he helped capture the Ewok Asha in a later encounter, he again laughed at her predicament.[6] The Dulok took orders directly from the king, who referred to him as one of his "boys." However, his X-marked counterpart often berated and bullied him during such operations.[3] The skill set upon which the O-branded Dulok drew during his missions included stealth—he was sneaky enough to spy on bathing Ewoks undetected[1]—climbing,[3] hunting,[6] and hand-to-hand combat. He wielded weapons in both his right[5] and left hands, including spears and lassos. With the latter of these, the O-marked Dulok was proficient enough to snag a full-grown Ewok. Nevertheless, he was somewhat headstrong, colliding with his companions while charging at Asha,[6] and misjudging his momentum and falling from the Ewok battle wagon in an attempt to attack Wicket W. Warrick and Malani.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Despite the fact that he is never referred to by name, a Dulok with an O symbol on his chest features in several episodes of the CBS television cartoon Ewoks, beginning with its premier episode, "The Haunted Village."[1] The episode, written by Paul Dini and directed by Raymond Jafelice, originally aired on September 14, 1985.[11] The characters voice changes from episode to episode. In "The Haunted Village," he speaks with a deep, raspy voice;[1] however, in "The Travelling Jindas," both he and his X-emblazoned counterpart speak with the same higher-pitched, even-timbred voice.[3] Neither of these episodes indicates the name of the voice actor or actors who portrayed the character.[1][3] Although the television episode "Asha" shows the O-marked Dulok as a member of the hunting party that pursues a maramu in the show's opening sequences,[6] the storybook adaptation of the episode, published by Random House in 1986, instead casts Gorneesh, Umwak, and a generic Dulok as the hunters.[12]



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